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Oils and vinegars

Today we present you a great unique and special product from the hand of Patrick De La Cueva, which we already talked about in another article. What gourmet scout and picker, in his store you can find a 20-year-old Gran Reserva oloroso wine vinegar, from the PDO Montilla-Moriles (Córdoba). From an excellent raw material a product is made whose characteristics are unmatched and that is why we recommend it. Do you want to know how it is? Attentive!

Castle of Canena, The olive company and producer of Premium oils surprise us again. This time he does it with an extra virgin olive oil one hundred percent Arbequino and that has been caressed by a Jerez Amontillado barrel. Yes, we say caressed because a EVOO so delicate It seems that simply by doing this he is able to achieve these fine and complex nuances. Although, in reality, it should not surprise us because the Andalusian firm has as it teaches the innovation and the creativity. It does all of this with firm convictions and roots, without forgetting that its origins began in 1780. Do you want to know what this latest oil creation is like?

Now that we are living a pandemic, although this is sanitary, it is a good time not to forget and to remember a cataloged as epidemic suffered by Spain. Just met 40 years since 1981 rapeseed oil poisoning, which was the biggest food crisis in our country. Some 5.000 people died in the more expensive fraud that has been recorded in national contemporary history. All due to the sale of a liquid that was not suitable for consumption, but for industrial use. Something that, at present, would be almost unthinkable, left a sad episode marked by the initial uncertainty, the poisoning fatal and a permanent syndrome.

Source of iron, with an unmistakable flavor and texture since 1923, the Pate La Piara continues to captivate the palates. From children or not so children, always offering products based on three unbreakable concepts for the Spanish brand: balance, natural ingredients and pleasure. Without a doubt, its greatest success came with the launch of the patés de Black Cap, flagship of this company that has been innovating afterwards. But, do you know what is the secret behind its most characteristic and representative packaging? We reveal it to you!

Have you ever heard of food fraud? Well, as its name suggests, it is a practice in which products do not comply with certain marketing or production standards. For example, that they do not contain the ingredients that they should, that the labeling does not give the correct information about their origin and provenance ... This, beyond the fact that the quality of said product is compromised, can sometimes be a risk to our health . That is why, more and more, they are being investigated. In this article we will talk about the olive oil fraud, one of the most common deceptions in the gastronomic sector.

Surely you have ever heard that the frying is a cooking technique that fattening. And you have even been able to reject certain foods for having to prepare them that way. However, a recent study has shown that the Orujo oil made of olives it is not as harmful as you think. In fact, some experts have called it efficient and nutritious, being able to eliminate part of the bad cholesterol they have their own food. Did you know these properties? After having seen all of them you can include it more regularly in your cooking methods, so be careful.

It is not a novelty at all for many regular customers of the Valencian chain because the Mercadona Tahini sauce It's been on the shelves of a variety of supermarkets for a while now. Specifically, since September 2020. However, until now it had not reached all cities and towns, where it is generating surprise among consumers who are unaware of this product. It is an authentic rarity in this category, so the vast majority of people are curious to know, not what it contains, but how to use it in the kitchen or consume it. Here we tell you more about this amazing puree and some tricks to take it.