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Algae and others

The Superfoods They are foods with a high nutritional value, rich in antioxidants, healthy fats or vitamins. They are increasingly incorporated into our usual diet given their good and multiple properties for our body. One of the many examples that exist is the chlorella, a great nutritional supplement which can also be used as an ingredient in cooking. Do you want to know more about this unknown but interesting product? We will tell you about it below.

For some time now, edible halophilic plants have been gaining importance in gastronomy that is becoming more and more visible. And what are these vegetables, you ask. We will start by telling you that it is a product that until now could be considered shrubs or wild plants of no value. However, with the passage of time and above all thanks to the research that has been made around this food, its use is increasingly common in the most renowned kitchens in the country. Let's discover what these coveted plants are like and what is special about them!

Health concerns are leading many consumers to adopt new ways of caring for their own body. So, Paschal has launched a new drink made with seaweed which shows special care for the regulation of the cholesterol in all age groups. Flora Omega 3 is the innovative bet of this company for all those concerned about their well-being, and who seek to improve their quality of life. Are you interested in knowing all their benefits and curiosities? Without a doubt, its easy accessibility and its numerous nutritional properties will surprise you.

Companies that algae They can be somewhat annoying for some of us when bathing in seas and oceans. Although what bathers and a large part of society do not know are the many benefits they have, especially incorporated into our diet. In this case, we are going to talk about a species that you will not find on the shores of the seas of Spain, since it is native to the Patagonia, in South America. However, this is marketed and can be eaten throughout Europe. We talk about kelp seaweed. Do you want to know more about this nutritious food?

El Alga is one of those marine products that, over the years, is acquiring more and more popularity in the kitchen. Of course, that of marine plants is a world yet to be discovered, since more and more species are being discovered that allow the creation of exquisite and surprising recipes. Little by little, they are achieving a solid niche in gastronomy. This is the case of, for example, the codium seaweed; one of the last integrated crops in Spain, its flavor is surprisingly reminiscent of that of realize. Do you want to know a little more about this succulent plant from the sea? We present it to you! 

From a combination between rice, seaweed and fishWhat can you expect but a meal of the most healthy? That is the perception of the sushi, a dish that, in recent years, has won a unprecedented popularity. So much so that it is one of the most ordered dishes at home, along with pizza. However, some studies have shown that this food of Japanese origin it has ingredients that are not too convenient. Do you want to find out if sushi is healthy? Keep reading!

He has done it again. The Head Sevillian knows no other way to get the most out of the marine environment other than by finding new and revolutionary foods. Now the last feat of Ángel León with his team of Aponiente is a cereal from the sea that he has managed to harvest in what is already a world landmark. This innovative discovery is the result of a project that has managed to see a successful result with a superfood that even has a role in climate change. Here we tell you more details about this fascinating product.

Since the potential of this marine food how I use in the kitchen, growing edible algae began to be a reality around the world. In Spain, about three years ago we could already see its definitive settlement in very specific areas. Those that are suitable for the growth and development of species such as the so-called sea ​​lettuce. From harvesting in natural aquatic environments to aquaculture, this product wins wholeheartedly for the future of food. Although it is true that in other gastronomies Like Chinese or Japanese, its use is more widespread, in our country it can increase until it is consolidated. Below we analyze some examples and projects with Spanish algae.

La edible duckweed is crossed out of superfood. What is true of this? More and more benefits are found in this Alga grown in Israel. Is named mankai and it is highly sustainable. This is because it requires a ridiculous fraction of water to get one gram of protein. In turn, it also controls the glycemic indices after consuming carbohydrates. Discover below the surprising benefits of this great unknown.

It is a tiny but highly valued food whose exquisiteness attracts the most palates gourmet always in small doses when integrated into dishes or tapas. But how much do you know about the delicious sturgeon roe? The Andalusian brand Cold river, of enormous world prestige and the first certified in its production organic farming brings you here the curiosities of caviar. If both the water and the medium are decisive, there are still other important aspects for its quality to be exceptional and even to avoid fraud. Come discover one by one!