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Freelance journalist with a digital-multimedia profile. TV reporter. Trying to write my story with the hustlers. Soccer as a passion, constant learning as a vocation

PrimaDonna Soul Super Automatic Coffee Maker: Why Choose It?

Discover the advantages offered by the De'Longhi PrimaDonna Soul super-automatic coffee machine to obtain unique coffees thanks to its technology and design.

Odorous wine vinegar, after 20 years of solera

We present you a great gourmet product chosen by the explorer Patrick de la Cueva for his store. Discover fragrant wine vinegar

Mercadona brioche bread, the one that was missing!

The most anticipated novelty in the sliced ​​bread category is already reaching supermarkets: Mercadona's brioche bread for hamburgers

Sardines in olive oil, a superior preserve

Sardine in olive oil
Enjoy this blue fish with Real Conservera Española, whose sardine preserve in olive oil has been awarded the best in the world

Cold teas from Mercadona, new summer 'signing'!

In 2021, the supermarket has added a new option to its Mercadona line of cold infusions to diversify its attractive flavors

Victoria beer, the beer that marks the way to Spain

For this European Championship 2021, the Spanish team has 'signed' the Malaga brand so that with Victoria beer the success of La Roja arrives

New Mercadona ice creams, with small pieces!

The Valencian chain delights us again this summer with three varieties of new Mercadona ice creams that incorporate crunchy bites.

Sajonia turkey from Mercadona, great success!

Due to its format, its flavor and because it provides a high amount of protein, Mercadona's Saxony turkey breast arrives as a very interesting novelty.

How to prepare a perfect heavy cream

We present two types of De'Longhi coffee machines that are ideal for preparing exceptional milk cream. Learn how to create sparkling coffees.

Provencal Larios, with herbal essences

The famous Mediterranean gin brand innovates again and, this time, in Larios Provenzal, it bets on a combination of native herbs.