The daily diet is one of the most important points to maintain the health in a positive state. And, if for adults this is of vital importance, for children it is essential In its development. For this reason, more and more parents are looking for best products for your children. This is where the boom comes from organic food in childhood. These provide certain very important characteristics for the perfect growth of the most YOUNG. Surely you are interested in taking a look and include some of these products in your basket.

Do you think it is possible to enjoy salty snacks, with natural ingredients, that do not contain allergens, vegan, suitable for celiacs and with the BIO and ecological quality seal? Although it seems incredible all these characteristics and many more are gathered by the Anaconda Foods snacks. A Madrid brand that surprises with its exclusive and eye-catching products. Do you want to meet her? Stay with us to discover it.

Smartphone, smartwatch, smart TV… Every day there are more words that add the term “smart", that is to say, intelligent, to signal a new concept that stands out from the rest and that has unique advantages. The new way of feeding The one that we are going to talk to you about today also has that word incorporated, only for food and the culinary world. Do you want to know what is the Smart food And what is special about standing out and gaining more followers every day? 

Have you ever heard of the hummus? This food is becoming more fashionable among us every day and there are many people who join to eat this chickpea cream cooked with lemon juice. Currently, you can find it in most supermarkets in Spain. In addition, there are different types of hummus, such as the classic, the beet, the lupine or the pesto. Now the brand Taste Shukran, together with the dietitian and nutritionist Carlos Rios, have launched a new real fooding hummus, a product made with 100% natural ingredients and olive oil. Do you want to know the history of this dish and how is this? real food?

More and more exist alternatives for those who have decided not to eat products of animal origin. Both in restaurants -of which there are also exclusively vegans or vegetarians-, as in the supermarkets. The shelves of these increasingly offer a wider range of foods of this type; among them, one considered the leading plant alternative in the world: the violife cheese. That's right: this brand offers a vegan dairy option that is known worldwide. Do you want to know their history and the products they offer? 

Every day more supermarkets are encouraged to bet on sustainable and recyclable products and packaging. But there is still much to improve. The plastic and waste footprint that our planet has continues to grow and we all have to continue working together to stop it. The good news we have for you today is that there is an organic supermarket called Spin Food that he is aware of this and that he has decided to take the step to collaborate. It is one of the first proposals in Spain that are already working. Do you want to know him and know what his way of helping the environment is?

Experts and not so experts predict that they are the food of the future. They have been consuming for a long time in many countries of the world but on the European continent it is still a pending task. We rate it this way because sooner rather than later you will find edible insects in Spain but produced in our country. While that door does not open, these revolutionary products of our food can only be purchased for human consumption if they come from other parts of the globe. In Valencia There is a pioneering store specializing in the sale of all kinds of species of invertebrates. Be surprised with its wide offer! 

Ekonoke it is the agricultural model that is here to stay. We talk about vegetables that make the best use of space in an urban environment. The best thing is that once they grow up they take them to your home alive so you can enjoy them at your own pace. The proximity cultivation has taken on a new meaning. In addition, it can be interesting for the purposes of the climate change. Discover the revolution of happy lettuces.