Chill it can change your summers forever. This curious device is capable of bringing down a beer from the twenty five degrees three in just half a minute! On top of that, it consumes seventy percent less than a traditional fridge. Discover the secrets of an invention that can change the paradigm of the world of beers and soft drinks. What fault did these young people find in the beer market? Argentines?

The well-known brand Estrella Galicia has decided to recover the so-called format Growler in your Cellar Beer. This dates back to the XNUMXth century, but now it is, ironically, a breakthrough for the company and its customers. Would you like to know why and what is special about the Growler format of Estrella Galicia? Stay and find out with us.

What is the Estrella Galicia Growler format?

EsThis original type of format dates back to two centuries ago, when containers, usually made of galvanized steel, were used to transport beer from one place to another. They are currently available from breweries and brewpubs as a means of sell craft beer although they are hardly used.

However, the Spanish company Hijos de Rivera, the official name of Estrella Galicia, has recovered this container throughout the years 2020 and 2021. First it did so with a reusable glass format with a capacity of 2 L. (Steine ​​bottle) and then 1 L. in which both Cellar Beer can be dispensed Estrella Galicia as Bodega Beer 1906. 

Growler by Estrella Galicia

Bidueira Beer from Estrella Galicia | Source:

This new Growler from Estrella Galicia will allow the consumer enjoy the Cellar Beer anywhere or take home the freshly brewed beer. Likewise, the system consists of a dispensing machine, the Growler or reusable container and a cleaning equipment. Without additives or preservatives, it will be ready to enjoy and share.

The recovery of the growler is a consequence of the new trends in craft consumption that have also brought the recovery of styles and elaboration techniques. They are also reusable, with the consequent value that this implies for the environment.

Estrella Galicia Beers | Source: Estrella Galicia Twitter

An idea created together with Sargadelos

Estrella Galicia has presented at its facilities Mega World Estrella Galicia this new format. With a limited edition and by hand and in collaboration with Sargadelos ceramics. Children of Rivera and Sargadelos They thus incorporate a new alliance, which adds to those already existing between both firms with great tradition, as is the case with the characteristic columns of the brewery taps. Sphinx and Ziggurat, Among others.

300 units will be manufactured that will be for sale in the same museum. Likewise, this new format also allows to develop the take away and delivery, betting on take-away consumption that promotes the circular economy and sustainability.  

Growler by Estrella Galicia

Growler by Estrella Galicia | Source:

The importance of design

The physical appearance of the Growler is essential to give a good image and surprise viewers. On this occasion, its design is inspired by shapes of the traditional Galician pottery. In the same way, it reproduces the aesthetic and formal codes of the Sargadelos brand, such as the indisputable cobalt blue or the representative circular shape of the handle.

In addition, as is obvious, they have also been handcrafted, using ceramic pastes obtained from noble raw materials (kaolin, quartz and feldspar) that have been decorated with the azul cobalt and the Red distinctive of both brands.

Growler by Estrella Galicia

Estrella Galicia and its commitment to the environment | Source: Estrella Galicia Twitter

The growler is easy to clean And there are several options: rinse it with hot water after serving the last serving of beer or, if you let time go by without rinsing it, it is better to use a cleaner. Drying should always be done in the air. After cleaning and drying, the growler is ready to refill.

Finally, you should know that the cooking of these pieces is carried out in high-temperature ovens that exceed 1400ºC, a process that gives the piece practically zero porosity, which makes this Growler completely hygienic, allowing preserve the freshness of the beer even longer.

Growler by Estrella Galicia

Estrella Galicia Abadía Beer | Source:

Rescuing old habits is always a great idea if they help us move forward and grow in the present. For this reason, Estrella Galicia has decided to bring back this original format, which, in addition to being beautiful and physically attractive, is functional. And to you, what did you think of this novelty of the brand? You already know that currently to obtain them you only have 300 units found in the Estrella Galicia museum.

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