When you think of some of the most popular products in Spain, the wine. And it is that, it is usually present in all the celebrations. However, the national territory is not the sole producer of this drink. In fact, there are areas in the world that you could never imagine producing a broth with such good characteristics. Therefore, today we are going to show you the Patagonian wines. Do you want to know their characteristics and the main ones growing areas of the vine? A quality product from the other side of the world!

Is it possible to produce wines from Patagonia?

Surely, if someone tells you that it is possible to grow in the Patagonia Argentina, you tell him that he is not in his right mind. But the truth is that he is right. It is also that the wines that are born there are Spectacular. All this is possible because the vine resists extreme temperatures as few plants do. Despite the adverse conditions, it continues its cycle until it bears fruit. That later, they will become wines with character of these latitudes.

The postcard full of vines is repeated throughout Patagonia. The vineyards occupy more than 3.000 hectares of the country, spread over several provinces. However, they only represent the 2% of total grown in the country. Although, its large pioneer producers, are becoming more and more noticeable in the market. Always with projects that explore and challenge southern limits. To highlight all these qualities, every year the Patagonia Wines Expo. Where different references explain why they bet on such a challenging project.

Patagonia wines

Patagonian vineyard. Source:

The best wines of Patagonia

The new Chubut wines They are one of the most sought after on the market. From the province they confirm that they have 125 hectares y 8 active wineries. It should be noted that despite their small surface area, the region that is making the most noise in the sector is that of Trevelin. One of the keys to these wines is that they are grown in areas with minimum temperatures below -4 degree. In addition, they are threatened with frost during the summer. While the maxims can exceed 30 in January.

It is important that you know that the weather is very extreme. So the wineries they always have to have the anti-frost systems. With those who water their vineyards. These large temperature variations influence the personality. In addition to character, developing unique wines of marked natural acidity. The main wine producers in the area are Casa Yagüe, Viñas del Nant y Fall and Contra Corriente.

The forgotten area

One of the areas with the longest history is Black river. It is here where one of the most important wine establishments in Argentina was born, Humberto Canale. Founded in 1909. Along with it, there is another area that was forgotten, Colorado River. Experts assure that the latter is a complete abandoned wine industry over time, with vineyards over 60 years old. All of them in the wild.

But, thanks to everyone's action, they managed to recover this large area of ​​exploitation. One of the points in favor of this sector is that, having been abandoned for so long, it was easier be organic. In addition, the wines were bathed by concepts of the biodynamics.

Patagonian wine

Wine glasses. Source:

Everything stays in the family

En Neuquén there is a very small family project who is coming to take his first steps. His name is West gate. Its creator assures that she did not know anything about viticulture. But, he learned about the great qualities that wine has and set out to plant a vineyard. Thanks to this simple act, accompanied by a great effort, the couple elaborates some 5.000 bottles of artisan wine. All this with own grapes and that are cultivated with agroecological techniques.

Among its wines, the Malbec, Pinot Noir y Chardonnay. Although, they are currently starting to produce Cabermet Fran y Torrontés Riojano. It is possible that the great boom they are experiencing is due to the low production they have. That is, sometimes how much is not as good as how little is properly cared for.


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Although they are not as well known as others, Patagonian wines are starting to stand out. His taste and quality They are worth mentioning, from here we encourage you to try any of them. What do you think it will be Your favorite?

The RAE defines the champagne as "Wine sparkling white or pink, originating in France ”. However, in Russia there has recently been a change in the labeling of this drink. He has been the president of the eastern country, Vladimir Putin, who has decided to give a twist to the way of understanding champagne in his country. All of this, of course, is not without controversy and criticism from those who understand this sparkling wine. Do you want to discover what has happened around the russian champagne? Keep reading!

Champagne, the only champagne in Russia

In short, Putin has signed a new law that states that only that champagne they can be cataloged - and labeled - as champagne in Russia. This drink was created in Soviet times in order to democratize luxury, very popular, especially for its affordability. In this way, all those bubbly foreigners -among which are, of course, those from Champagne-, will be classified in the Russian country as "Sparkling wines".

In other words, anything other than the aforementioned drink will not be recognized as champagne in Russia. This decision, which has meant a modification in the law on alcoholic beverages, has caused real outrage and, indeed, a lot of confusion in the champagne industry. It is an industry with great respect for raw materials. Thus, the decree that says that only champagne they will be champagne and the rest will be considered "sparkling wines", has sat as a lack of respect.

Russian champagne

Russian champagne, Russia's only champagne as of now

Champagne lovers don't settle for Russian champagne

Some advocates have gone further and claimed that the unique and true champagne comes from champagne. It is the production of this French region that has controlled designation of origin and the one made with grape varieties such as chardonnay, pinot noir o meunier, among other. And in the face of drastic measures, drastic solutions. The French industry association already requested the producers that is not traded with Russia for the moment.

In fact, according to El País, the co-presidents of the Champagne Committee, Maxime Toubart and Jean-Marie Barillere, have spoken through a statement. "The Champagne Committee regrets that this legislation does not guarantee that Russian consumers have clear and transparent information about the origins and characteristics of the wine," they explained in it. Moreover, they recalled that the term "champagne" is a protected term in More than 120 countries Around the globe

russian champagne

Champagne, france

Adapt to the circumstances

However, this coin, like all, has two sides. There are those who will not be satisfied with this new law, and there are those who have decided to abide by it; not satisfied with the decision, but abiding by it at the end of the day. Among the most talked about entities is Moët Hennessy -Responsible for renowned firms such as Dom Perignon, Moët Chandon or Veuve Clicquot-.

The popular brand communicated, according to El País, "that the new norm could force not only to change the labeling, but also to certify the wines again." However, according to its marketing policy, “Moët Hennessy champagne houses have always respected the law in force wherever they operate". In this way, although not fully compliant, they will maintain relations with the Eurasian country.

russian champagne

Moët Chandon will continue to sell in Russia | Source:

Russian champagne takes off

Putin's decisions, just as they have negatively affected part of the industry, they have also positively affected the other part. And there are some businessmen close to the aforementioned president who have benefited from the president's actions. It is worth mentioning Boris Titov -Chairman of the commission for the defense of businessmen's rights-, whose family owns the Abrau-Dyurso sparkling wine plant, whose shares have increased.

Of course, the general director of Abrau-Dyurso He spoke to Radio France International, according to El País, and clarified that although "It is very important to protect Russian wines in our market", it must be borne in mind that "the legislation must be reasonable and not contradict common sense." In other words, he made it clear that, despite the new legislation on Russian champagne, "real champagne is made in the Champagne region of France."

El top wines of 2020 Spain already has its members with names and surnames. After finishing the National Young Wines Competition Cosecha 2020 number one on the podium has been occupied by none other than Monica Albor Tinto 2020. Do you want to know what is special about that wine and which ones have won the other best positions? Keep reading with us.

Baco Awards, a unique recognition for the top wines of 2020

After three intense days of tasting with a total of almost 500 participating wines, the National Young Wines Contest has ended and the results can already be seen. For this, the Spanish Union of Tasters, with a long journey and experience, has awarded the so-called Baco Awards.

The Baco Awards reach their thirty-fifth anniversary this year, consolidated as the most reliable and independent showcase for young wines. That is to say, an essential thermometer to measure the quality of the most recent harvest on the market, in this case that of 2020.

Best wines of 2020

Wine tasting | Photo courtesy of UEC

What have been the results and the annual medal of the contest?

As we have already told you, this year, the first place on the podium has been for the Galician red Mónica Albor 2020 (DO Ribeiro). Has obtained the highest recognition, the Grand Baco de Oro Luis Hidalgo Award. Likewise, this drink is made from the Mencía, Sousón and Caiño Tinto varieties and has a completely unique flavor.

This wine is characterized by being clean, bright and straw yellow in color. It also has a good intensity aroma, harmoniously assembled, with a clear predominance of fruity notes, apricot, citrus and pear in syrup. Its passage through the mouth is also very pleasant, honeyed, well balanced, long and with a final sensation of sweet fruit that invites you to continue drinking.

Wine and grapes


Its history dates back to seventeenth century, in the early 1700s when the first Albor bought the house in the town of Coedo. Being his great-great-grandfather Antero Albor who started the winery later passing to his son Victorino Albor and this in turn to Alfonso Albor. At present it is owned by the fourth generation of the Albor family, being Mrs. Monica Albor the current manager and owner of it.

At the beginning of 2004, when the winery began to put into commercial production its wines were called with the name of "Pazos de Albor". Mónica took over from her father, Alfonso Albor, in the field work, taking care of the vineyards with the same care that he did, learning from his advice and family secrets in the field of viticulture.

Monica Albor Wine | Source:

Accompanying this reference in the highest echelons, that of the Great Golden Bacchus (wines with a rating higher than 92 points), there are eight more labels. These have competed with the Galician red wine, making it very difficult for the Spanish Union group to choose it.

These are the whites Will Barrel Fermented 2020 (DO Abona), Ramón do Casar 2020 (DO Ribeiro), O'Fillo da Condesa 2020 (DO Rias Baixas), Niño de las Uvas Macabeo Malvasía 2020 (DO Bullas) and Castelo de Medina Sauvignon Blanc 2020 ( DO Rueda); and the Reds Only Tirio 2020 (DO Campo de Borja), Numun Syrah 2020 (DO Jumilla) and Quinta da Peza Mencía 2020 (DO Valdeorras). 

Best wines of 2020

Red wine | Source: (


Equally, Isabel I 2020 from Bodegas Cerrosol in the DO Rueda won the Baco de Oro for Best New Brand, and Bartolomé Abellán, technical director and author of the Gil Family Estates wine catalog, won the Baco de Oro for Best Winemaker of Wines Young people of the 2020 harvest.

To complete the medal table of the Baco Awards there are 80 Bacos de Oro and 44 Bacos de Plata. And as beneficiaries, the Rias Baixas Denominations of Origin have come out, with 21 recognitions, and the DO Ribeiro and Rueda with 16 awards respectively. Likewise, they lead some statistics that include the negligible number of 36 indications of origin represented in their medal table.

Best wines of 2020

Wine glasses | Source:

If you want to know the complete list of these incredible wines you can access through the online awards page Worm. What did you think of the triumphant wine of the top wines of 2020? And the winners of the Great Golden Bacchus?

The arrival of summer and high temperatures implies several things. But, the main one is the appearance of the dreaded operation bikini. That moment when concern for Calories takes a leading role that has not had during the rest of the year. That is why alcoholic drinks they are left out of the diet, at least on many occasions. However, do you know that it is possible lose weight with wine? Contrary to what you may think, this drink can be beneficial for your health. As long as you consume it wisely.

Alcohol does not make you fat

Before getting into the topic of lose weight with wine, we must clarify certain aspects. The first thing you should know is that the alcohol is not fattening. Although you may think otherwise, the truth is that, although it has many calories, these are not absorbed by the body. They are not nutrients. On the other hand, empty calories They are those that do not have any type of nutrient. Therefore, in the case of wine, as it does not contain fat and hardly any carbohydrates and proteins, it does not make you fat.

So, knowing this, the risk of taking too many empty calories is only explained in the case of carrying one inadvisable diet. That is to say, it is the skewers that usually accompany the wine that can carry a few extra kilos. Especially those that contain bread and other carbohydrates. And it is that, these mixed with some glasses of wine cause fat accumulation. As advice, it is best to have a good broth during or after meals.

Lose weight with wine

Red wine. Source: (

How to lose weight with wine?

Professor Lamuela-Raventós was in charge of answering and explaining the advantages of the moderate wine consumption. All this in a virtual event called "Wine and weight control - is it possible?". The answer to this uncertainty is clear, these advantages may lie in the polyphenols. Which are present in the drink, particularly in the Reds. And it is that, the main component is the ethanol. However, it also contains minerals, like potassium. It is in the broths where a higher concentration of polyphenols, like resveratrol.

The latter is what helps the body to increase the amount of brown fabric. Which is a good type of fat that turns food into heat. Which helps burn more calories in food. This process, called thermogenesis makes the body counteract the calories consumed in wine. And, in addition, it burns more in the food you eat. Along with all this, polyphenols improve the intestinal microbiota. And last but not least, these are very bioavailable.

You can lose weight with wine

A study called PREDIMED demonstrated the low incidence of cardiovascular risk among wine drinkers. And it is that, the most assiduous to the drink did not consume a healthier diet than those who did not drink. But, the former had a slower heart rate. And a Lower BMI when energy consumption was the main one. In addition, those who took between 7 and 14 units per week, had a less number of cardiovascular risk factors compared to the others.

On the other hand, as for the cholesterolIt should be noted that there were no major changes in the levels. While it was observed that the wine drinkers consumed more calories, But they did not get fat. It should be noted that both groups had the same food at their disposal. So these differences were not caused by a better or worse diet.

Lose weight with wine

Lunch with wine. Source: (

Not all agree

Although most experts agree that moderate consumption of wine can be beneficial, not everyone has the same opinion. In fact, although you have previously been able to verify that the broths are not fattening, there are those who assure otherwise. In addition, you should know that it is the food that most kilocalories have. This amount can be up to 7 per gram. Although, as in everything in life, there are several degrees. This ranges from 107 kcal for a glass of white wine dry until 300 of one of high-proof sweet wine.

Do you consider feasible the lose weight with wine? You have seen that many experts on the subject assure that the key is in the moderation. So, if you are one of those lovers of the best national wines, try to consume them in the right times. This will provide you with magnificent delight and keep your health in order.

What if you could have the best of the beer world and the best of the wine world in the same product? Yes, it might sound a bit difficult and even strange, but wouldn't it be the perfect result for beer lovers and wine lovers alike? Well, it is no longer necessary to talk about it as if it were a hypothetical situation: the Osborne Foundation Beer Mica have joined in this project in which they let their imagination fly and with which they present a very special drink: the toro beer, which brings together the best of both worlds. It could be said that this is a beer ... for those who like wine. Let's get to know this initiative!

Wine is one of the clearest hallmarks of the country. The national wines are distributed around the world and their quality does not go unnoticed by anyone. This is so, to a large extent, because of its manufacturing methods. But, beyond the traditional places, surely you did not know the underwater cellars, a perfect area for the development of the best wines. And it is that, the sea is an excellent medium for the aging. In addition, as if this were not enough, this type of winery does not harm the environment at all. Do you dare to visit any of them? Take a breath!

Wine is undoubtedly one of the most refined products of the entire national gastronomic scene. Although its quality is more than obvious, there are certain doubts as to its labeling and functionality. Sure you've ever asked what a natural wine is like. The problem with this question is that there is still no clear answer. It could be said that this section of the wine sector He lives in a kind of limbo that most winemakers want to take advantage of. Do you want to know how you could solve this complicated situation? Although it is difficult, with time the result will be reached.

Writes: Mónica Uriel Journalist

Until not long ago, when it was more difficult to have water than came on the island, the El Hierro wines they were for self-consumption. At the moment wineries increase at the same rate as its quality, breaking the tasters' schemes. To better value your wines it is important to remember the history and get to know the Canary Island. All of this is linked to lack of water. Thus it was forged in El Hierro a viticulture of subsistence, effort and brotherhood reflected in the help of all in the harvest.