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If there is a company that today can boast of exercising a social work with its products, that is Solán from Cabras, the recognized watermark. Not only because they ensure that their drinks maintain the highest quality until the moment they reach the consumer. But, in addition, they want you to stay hydrated in the most… refreshing, tasty and healthy way possible. Thus, the renowned firm presents its Solán de Cabras with vitamins, one more step in that environmental and social commitment that it carries as its flag.

Solán de Cabras with vitamins

As we said, Sole of goats has launched its third product from the vitamin water collection it is working on. Under the name of Vital, this new water with vitamins and natural juice arrives at the best time of the year: what better than a hydrating, healthy, refreshing and tasty drink to combat the heat on summer days?

'Vital' Water

The Solán de Cabras water with Vital vitamins has a flavor of lemon and extract chinotto. The latter is a very small fruit that is mainly grown in Italy; to locate its flavor. It could be said that it is a middle ground between the orange and the mandarin, although with a touch a little more acid. The truth is that in Spain its use is not yet widespread, but little by little it is gaining a niche and its properties are being known and appreciated. It contains a large amount of nutrients and antioxidants.

In this sense, the combination of these two citrus tastes. It is important to add that it is made with juices and natural fruits. These provide a freshest sensation on the palate. Vital contains vitamins B8, B6 yB3, and more than 90% is made up of Solán de Cabras water. It has no added refined sugars and is low in artificial colors.

Solán de Cabras with vitamins

Solán de Cabras with vitamins, Vital | Source: solandecabras.es

Water 'Defense'

But if the citrus flavor isn't your favorite, don't worry. You have two other options that, for sure, are more suited to your tastes. On the one hand we have Defence, which is the most ... floral, we could say. The combination of pink grapefruit with orange blossom they give rise to a sweet and rich drink not only in flavor, but also in nutritional value. It contains vitamins B6 B12, which contribute to the care of our defenses and help us, as the brand itself says, to "take care of ourselves in our day to day".

Water 'Repair'

The most fruity proposal is Repair, made from the juice of pomegranate, red grape and aloe vera. This drink contains vitamins B3 y B8, which protect hair and skin. Like the other two options in the Solán de Cabras water range with vitamins, Repair it is low in calories and has no added sugars.

This range of vitamin waters joins many other collections that the company has been launching. Flavored waters -apple or multifruit-, special editions -such as the “Gotas de Solidaridad” edition or the “H2Oro By Duyos” edition -. Of course, all of them have a common value, the same that we exposed at the beginning: a social and environmental commitment to which more and more importance is given.

Other vitamin drinks

However, Solán de Cabras is not the only one in the market that has seen in the water an opportunity to make hydration more fun. Other brands such as Waterdrop They are also launching their own products to make water a tastier and healthier drink if possible. In fact, the aforementioned has launched its idea in a most original format. It consists of small cubes that contain all the vitamins and flavor. Another example could be VitaminWater, which also offer different flavors and different types of vitamin waters.


Waterdrop, the new way to drink water | Source: waterdrop.es

Be that as it may, Solán de Cabras with vitamins is another proposal on the market that seeks to give water a twist. Some say that drinking water is boring. With his latest release, Vital, Sole of goats shows that, in addition to hydrating, water can be fun. It can also be an option to take into account on those days when what you most want is something fresh and tasty.

El consumption of energy drinks in children can have dire consequences for your development. Not surprisingly, more and more reports alert us to increasingly worrying figures. Why does the proportion of minors who consume them increase more and more? Is the marketing? Discover below some of the possible causes as well as several proposals to solve it.

Consumption of energy drinks in children: worrying data

La AESAN (Spanish Agency for Food Safety and Nutrition) details the phenomenon with hairs and signs in its last report. From this it follows that One in every four children from four to ten years old is a consumer. In the case of adolescents, the figures lead to two-thirds of the total. As if that were not enough, the consequences of the risks associated with its intake have grown in tandem. So the 40% of Spanish children between six and nine years old are overweight u obesity. It is not a figure to be taken as a joke.

Consumption of energy drinks in children is contraindicated

The consumption of energy drinks in children is contraindicated / Source: Pixabay

Is being overweight the result of consuming energy drinks in children only? No. There are many other factors to consider such as the alimentación in general and the physical exercise. However, the abuse of these soft drinks reflects interesting consumption patterns. Do not forget that their parents allow them to ingest tremendous amounts of sugar y caffeine. Two substances that require moderation due to their adverse effects.

What are these effects?

Among those of the caffeine we find some well known as restlessness, nervousness o headaches. Others, such as difficulty concentrate o sleep, are listed. These last two can be very worrying for the little ones, since they are in a developmental stage. We also find some ocmo increase in blood pressure, acceleration of the heart rate or stomach discomfort. 

These effects worry the AESAN, which recommends avoiding the consumption of energy drinks in children up to eleven years. Then they could do it very moderately. As for sugar, the agency itself especially highlights its dangers. One can contains up to fifteen envelopes of sugar! Therefore, we can understand the high rates of overweight y obesity among minors. As well as the appearance of chronic diseases and disorders of all kinds. Diabetes, malnutrition, heart problems y lack of concentration are some.

What is failing?

It is obvious that any parent wants the best for their children. Thus, the main theory is that the increased consumption of energy drinks in minors comes from uninformed parents. The marketing it can lead to misconceptions. Many confuse them isotonic drinks for recovery after sport. It is also common for advertising to designate them as soft drinks. This is why they offer them to their children when the heat arrives.

The abuse of sugar can cause different pathologiesThe most unfortunate thing is that it does not affect all families equally. They are usually the families with fewer resources y training the most misinformed. In this way it is that they become more influential in the face of marketing. This explains why wealthy families have better habits than those from environments in a situation of poverty. poverty.  

Are there solutions?

Surely. The key would be to clearly explain to parents what they are giving their children. Therefore, it may be a bad idea to advertise them as products that add vitality and strength. Francisco José Ojuelos, an expert lawyer in Food Law, has an idea. He proposes to leave in the past the name of Refreshing drink. In this way, the option protected by law would be to call them drinks sugary o sweetened. Thus, the consumption of exorbitant amounts of sugar and caffeine would not be trivialized.

Caffeine in energy drinks can cause attention problems in little ones

The caffeine in energy drinks can cause attention problems in children / Source: Pixabay

El Minister of Consumption Spanish, Alberto Garzón, has not yet presented concrete measures. He recalled that the inclusion of the warning is already mandatory: "High caffeine content: Not recommended for children or pregnant women or in lactation period ”. He has been meeting with experts since the publication of the AESAN study to develop a new regulation. Meanwhile, it will promote awareness and education programs. In addition, parents will have digital media, like this one, that report on food. 

At this time of year it is essential to stay well hydrated and drink lots of water. But what if we tell you that water is not the drink that hydrates the most? Recent research by St. Andrews University in Scotland has revealed that there are other more hydrating drinks and that can quench our thirst for longer. Do you want to know what they are and why they exceed water in hydration? Right now we will tell you.

The summer season is here and with it comes the desire for the most refreshing and summery. Among the most popular foods of these months are fruits for various reasons: their fresh flavor invites us to consume them; Its high water content is also an incentive, as it refreshes us at the same time that it hydrates us; and, curiously, the bright colors of some fruits are a very compelling reason for us to opt for them. With this in mind, how could he not be the fresh summer juice from Vía Nature the star product of the summer? From the signature based Murcia they relaunch this drink that, in addition to being healthy, refreshing and respectful with the environment… is 'naturally blue'!

There are many drinks that are capable of providing all the nutrients and benefits necessary to carry a healthy and balanced diet. All of them natural and obtained from food from the garden without artificial products. And, one of the most outstanding is the cucumber water, undoubtedly an excellent option if you want a liquid that provides everything you need to your body and also has a rich flavor. Do you want to know everything about it and the fastest way to prepare it at home? It is an excellent substitute for the well-known sugary and vitamin waters. Give this a try cool alternative!

Drinking water It is necessary for our survival, but there are those who do not do it as much as they should; among other things because the taste does not tell them anything and they prefer to drink other types of beverages. So why not make water fun and give it a little ... flavor? Yes, as you read it: flavor the water. How? Thanks to initiatives such as that of Martin, founder of Waterdrop, it is possible to drink water in a somewhat ... different way. But it is not only originality that distinguishes this firm: it is also a healthy option since, in addition to being Sugar zero, Has essential vitamins. And if that seems little to you, it is respectful with the environment! Let's get to know the history of this brand that started as a dream and ended up being a reality!

It's important to know What ingredients they carry the food we eat. In the end, a balanced and correct diet is the first big step to be able to have a Healthy life. And that is why there are more and more people who avoid consuming foods that contain undesirable components at all costs. There are products that incorporate sugar in an intrinsic way, but there are so many others to which even more is added. This causes a great rejection added sugars by people who want to control their glucose intake. But do you know what they are and why avoid them? Let's find out!

Surely if we talk to you or see the mythical logo of the Mondariz waters you can quickly identify the brand. Its products have been with us for almost 150 years and continue to be the order of the day. They have recently decided to launch two new drinks perfect for quenching thirst, hydrating and enjoying a tasty fruit juice. Do you want to know what two innovative products we are talking about? We describe them below.

Surely if you have not tried the delicious tinto de verano from The Casera at least you've seen or heard of it. This popular brand has been accompanying us for many years, especially in hot summers to refresh us with their soda, its reds or its soft drinks. Now, to continue growing and innovating, it has launched an incredible new range of soft drinks. Do you want to know which are the new soft drinks La Casera?