Friday, May 20, 2022
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can of tuna

Tuna: toxic by mercury?

Tuna cans are very popular, let's be real. In addition, many of us love the flavor it brings to pasta dishes. If...


Gourmet food with a Michelin star for 27 euros

Do you want to enjoy gourmet food at a very attractive price? If whenever you think of a restaurant with a Michelin star you imagine a menu with more...

Gazpacho and salmorejo: so similar?

Gazpacho and salmorejo, two dishes with, apparently, the same appearance and a very similar flavor. Perfect for summer due to its refreshing power and, in addition, very healthy. Although these recipes...

Quail and marinade: excellent communion

We share with you some ways to enjoy canned pickled quail. Also the best pairing so as not to lose any of its flavor and culinary excellence.

Don't let stale bread end up in the trash!

It has happened to all of us that the idea of ​​going out to buy bread is so ingrained that when we return home we have...

Snow peas: why aren't they peas?

Have you ever heard of snow peas? Belonging to the legume family, snow peas are herbaceous plants. Known as "snow pea or...

Menorca, an unmistakable flavor

A review of the gastronomy of Menorca. Products and cuisine that are a jewel of the Mediterranean and that you should know


Budweiser beer: why is it so hard to make?

In 1876, a beer was released that was ready to change the roles of previous fashionable drinks: Budweiser beer. And not only...


Vivesoy: with local oat farmers

Vivesoy, the brand known for offering vegan oat milk, among others, has always rowed in favor of environmental sustainability. In this case...


Interview with the creators of Fantastic V

We talked to Cristina and Sebastián, the creators and owners of Fantastic V, the trendy vegan restaurant in Madrid. A vegan restaurant created to...


The importance of quality and sustainability

We reflect and give our opinion about quality and sustainability in food and gastronomy