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Have you ever tried the South African rooibos? It's not about caffeine-free tea, it's so much more. For starters, it is the first African product to achieve a European Designation of Origin. Learn how the Japanese Empire made this drink popular around the world during its campaign in Asia. Discover the intriguing secrets of this ancient drink. Do you dare to try it if you haven't already?

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Surely you are one of those people who, when you have a good meal in a restaurant, take a look at the paper first. And, especially to desserts. Well, they are the final and indispensable part of a great summer celebration. So, surely you have already managed to taste a good rice pudding. In fact, many consider this dish to be the king of the menus of the day. Highlighting among all its characteristics the aroma, flavor and texture. Do you want to know what your the source and some forms of work it out?

Do you know that in most European countries euthanize male chicks through a practice of gassing and crushing? This technique generates discontent among the population and animal rights, therefore, countries such as France y Germany they have finally decided to ban it. Do you want to know how they will avoid the slaughter of male chicks? Keep reading with us.

Did you know 40% of hams and shoulders with Denomination of Origin in Spain are from Teruel? This high percentage is due to special characteristics of the area that make the Teruel ham a totally unique piece. Right now we will tell you about them.

Everyone should put a pinch of sweet in their life. Adding a tasty touch from time to time never hurts. And, if it can be a product of national origin, better than better. Therefore, what is sweeter than that well-known food made by bees? Indeed, nothing. Therefore, today you will have the opportunity to know the buzzing honey. Which has been recognized in the international honey contest From london. In other words, it is another of the great Spanish products with great international prestige. You want to know more?

El Tribute to the hoteliers of Mahou San Miguel arrives in what is possibly the final stretch of the pandemic. The economy recovers as vaccination progresses. Bars reopen as restrictions relax. What has this brewery done to reward its most loyal customers on whom they completely depend? What role does the internal? Find out in this article below.

Have you heard of Bulgarian yogurt? Probably not. However, it is tremendously popular in Asia and in Bulgaria it is a staple of the diet. Find out how to prepare it at home. Do you want to know why Greek became so popular compared to Bulgarian?

El Kiwi It is one of the fruits that most quantity of Vitamin C It apports. In fact, it can triple that of citrus fruits such as orange or lemon. But that is not its only benefit, but it has many more that now we are going to tell you. Do you want to meet them and know why having kiwi for breakfast is a great option? Keep reading with us.

Summer is here. With it come a few months in which one of the most refreshing allied foods to combat the heat is, without a doubt, the fruit. Think about it: what would you like more than a good watermelon, melon or pineapple? And let's not forget, of course, the cherries. The latter is a popular fruit both in spring and summer and, in addition to being fresh and tasty, it hides a series of properties that make it an even more attractive food. Do you want to know what are the unexpected benefits of cherries? Read on and find out!

Although sometimes insects, like wasps and lacewings, they can become somewhat annoying to us, they are fundamental for the development of human life. They have also become "very good critters" that help farmers. Do you want to know how these act insects against pests and how are they used? Right now we will tell you.

Although in Spain there are liqueurs of great quality, there are others around the world. Especially in the Eastern zone from Asia, where amazing drinks stand out. And, unlike what you may think, not only the Sake has a great world renown. In fact, there is a competitor who is hot on your heels, the japanese shochu. It is a somewhat unknown liquor in the West, but with a strong presence in the Japanese country. Would you be willing to give him a opportunity? Your restrictions on export they are relaxing. So, little by little, it will be easier for you to have it around the corner.

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