Nestlé commits to regenerative agriculture

Nestlé creates programs for its suppliers to promote regenerative agriculture with the aim of improving a more sustainable diet.


The Japanese Vegetarian Cookbook

Nancy Singleton Hachisu presents her new book Japan Vegetarian Gastronomy. In the book she brings us closer to many vegetarian recipes from Japan as well as bringing us closer to her culture.

How long can food be in the freezer?

To make the most of food, sometimes we decide to freeze it to use it at another time. Also, before throwing away what we have bought or has left over, we decide to store it in the freezer. And although freezing food is a good option to preserve it, the reality is that food in the freezer also has an expiration date. 

The Michelin Guide gala will be held in Barcelona

Barcelona will host the 2024 Michelin Guide Spain gala

The origin of cutlery

Although they are now part of our culture, it has not always been eaten with a knife and fork. We tell you the history of cutlery.

The Japanese Home Cooking Book

Japanese Home Cooking a book that uncovers the secrets of everyday Japanese cooking

Four distribution chains concentrate half of the sales

The four main distribution chains in Spain sell almost half of what Spaniards consume.


Sales success of DO Cava in 2022

Good numbers for the DO Cava that closed last year 2022 with 249 million bottles sold. An increase of 4,5% in...


Barcelona, ​​the Spanish city that is most interested in...

According to an analysis carried out, Barcelona is the city in Spain in which vegan food generates the most interest.


Cooking YouTube: Chefs at Hand

Social networks are increasingly popular among the young and not so young. The content creators for these media stand out...


More obese and increasingly expensive healthy diets in...

The current FAO study warns us of the increase in prices of healthy diets and the increase in malnutrition and obesity