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All lovers of the beautiful game know what it is to enjoy a good dinner at halftime. Either at home with friends or at the stadium itself, where sandwiches are the jewel in the crown of the menu. For this reason the idea of Nubo by La Roja. A proposal of servicio of Domicilio that has been presented as an accompaniment to watch the games of the Spanish Soccer Team. Although, in reality, it can be used to enjoy this very close League final that is taking place. In short, if you like football ... You like these snacks!

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He 'signing 'unexpected of the Spanish team to play this Euro 2021 He is not one of the men that fans wanted to see on Luis Enrique's squad list. It really has nothing to do with sport, except that its name fits perfectly with the intention that Spain has in this European championship. The Victoria beer is a new sponsor of the Royal Spanish Football Federation. How is this beer, the first official of The Red?

It has always been known that foods like meat or fish They should not be ingested after the expiration date because they can be dangerous to health. On the other hand, there are many other foods that you can eat expired and that you may not know and are throwing away before time. Can you think of any? We will tell you about at least 15 of them.

All experts agree that the breakfast it is the most important meal of the day. For this, there are products of all kinds and with immense quality. But, if you think about the most famous brands, the first thing that will come to mind are the Fontaneda cookies. Without a doubt, they are a food that has been appearing on all Spanish tables since time immemorial. In fact, this company was born 140 years ago. But, in addition to these cookies, the brand continues to innovate. Proof of this is the creation of your new selection range. Choose the best products to start the day!

Within the world of meats, we can find varieties that undoubtedly stand out from the rest; either because of its origin, its characteristics or its flavor. In fact, on occasion we have already talked about very curious meat foods, as well as others who draw attention to the "exoticismOf its origin. In this article we will talk about one of those meats that, even without being too atypical, is considered a very special product: the angus meat. It contains a series of factors that make it a unique product and very rich -both in flavor and nutritional properties-. Let's learn more about her!

Do you think you could recognize a good fresh fish? Would you know how defrost it in an ideal way? Do you know what the anisakis and how can you take precautions against it? Today we answer all these questions and give you excellent tips for consuming fish in a correct, safe and healthy way. We present the recommendations that have come to us from Fedepesca.

With the debut in the Eurocup of the Spanish Soccer Team meetings began at friends' houses to enjoy the beautiful sport. Surely, on all the tables there was some kind of pecking to calm the nerves of the lack of goal. To complement these foods comes one of the best products of the Spanish territory, the Canarian banana. In fact, the most popular fruit brand in the country has strengthened its support for sports linked to healthy nutrition. Thus becoming the first official fruit of the national team.

Port of the Indies is one of the preferred gin brands in Spain par excellence, in addition to being a pioneer in the category of Pink gin. Despite this, the company wants to continue making history with a new launch, the blackberry gin. A variety of the traditional and delicious drink with a very curious and interesting history. Do you want to meet her and know more about this new product? Stay with us to find out.

La Gomera It is a very green island, being full of lush laurel forests, and sweet, for its palm honey, which is extracted from its palm trees. From his land arises the Forastera grape and from its air the whistle, which spread through the ravines. It is an island, in short, ideal for hiking, in the Garajonay National Park, and for dolphin and whale watching.

It is difficult to imagine the best meetings with friends or family without the coffee afterwards. That space of time that can cover the entire afternoon is, without a doubt, one of the biggest pleasures of the life. But, now with the heat, drinking this hot drink can be a real ordeal. Therefore, today you are going to know the best method of preparation of iced coffee. And, although it may seem easy, it is important to know all the tricks for possible. Only in this way will you be able to enjoy a cool drink.

Like every summer, the Valencian supermarket par excellence in our country tries to surprise those it calls its "bosses" and this 2021 was not going to be less. Therefore, in their freezers you can already find some new Mercadona ice creams that are presented in two varieties. In any case, the proposal is very attractive, since each of the cones hides succulent bits of an ingredient inside. Thus, your refreshing experience on the palate is also accompanied by crunchy tiny bites for a superlative flavor of the product. Below we give you more details of these news.

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