Puleva Extra Pro Protein, the milk for the most active

Puleva Proteína Extra Pro comes to the market for a superior protein contribution through milk.


Salchipapa: the queen of South America

In recent years we have heard the word salchipapa thanks to a song by Leticia Sabater. But what is this really? We tell you everything...

Consumption of snacks grows

The consumption and fashion of appetizers is growing in Spain. It is estimated that each Spaniard spends an average of €57/year on snacks.

Hospitality against hunger

An initiative organized by Action Against Hunger and Hospitality of Spain that aims to alleviate the food needs of many Spanish families.

France prohibits calling plant products meat

France prohibits calling “meat” and the names associated with it all products made with vegetable protein.

Andalusia launches “Gusto del Sur”, its quality brand

Andalusia launches a new quality brand "Gusto del Sur" and cancels the previous one, the so-called Certified Quality.

Burgos: tradition on your table

Visiting Burgos and tasting its gastronomy will not leave us indifferent. We will discover some exquisite recipes and products attached to the land


The excellence of Castillo Ygay 2012

Castillo Ygay from the Marqués de Murrieta winery achieves 100 points among more than 4000 references


Protein Gelatin: Is it worth it?

We all know how important it is to have a good diet to play sports. Especially if we seek to increase muscle mass or exercise...


Cooking YouTube: Chefs at Hand

Social networks are increasingly popular among the young and not so young. The content creators for these media stand out...


Less VAT for sustainable food

A Swedish proposal proposes to eliminate VAT on sustainable products to encourage their production and gain sustainability.