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Sometimes our diet can cause us problems, one of them is the celiac disease. In Gastronomic Information we wanted to talk about it and we do it with Lorena Perez founder of An interview that aims to give more information about celiac disease. Do not miss this interview to know and understand more about this disease.

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Mavis, the new brand of gourmet products, settles in Spain. The brand has just launched and with the aim of being able to bring exotic far-away flavors from different parts of the world to Europe. It comes to our country showing the public the opportunity to taste the native flavor of pistachios and dried fruits ... Iran. Did you know that the country of the Ayatollahs is one of the main producers of this dried fruit? Do not let them to tell you! Discover everything Mavis has to offer.

H2Ops offers the best of hop in a refreshing drink without alcohol. If in doubt, an interesting alternative for lovers of this cereal who do not want to drink for whatever reasons. Discover in this article the homemade origins of a drink that is already present in almost everything USA. How is it related to craft beer? Let's see it.

For many the romero is aromatic plant that when used in recipes and elaborations transports them to the flavor Mediterranean. This shrubby plant with green and evergreen leaves is resistant as are its aromas in each of the dishes in which it is part. An aromatic plant with many medicinal properties which is an excellent condiment for many dishes of our gastronomy.

Do you like seafood? Are you one of those who thinks of Prawns since you get up on New Year's Eve? In this article we give you some more excuse to eat them by citing certain nutritional and environmental benefits. Could you improve the diet of 166 million people? Let's see what is special about them.

Many are the people who, for different reasons, demand other flours. In this article you will see that there is life beyond wheat. What's more, there are so many that we have missed some along the way. That is why you will read the ones that in our opinion are most recommended. Dive into a sea of ​​possibilities!

The consumption of nuts in our diet is a great option, one of the most unknown nuts for their properties are cashews. The cashew is known by different names around the world such as cashew, cashew, cashew, merey, cashew nut or caguil. Unlike other nuts, the quality of its fats, its protein and fiber level make it a very interesting dry fruit. to incorporate, in a moderate way, in our diet. We discover all its properties and its gastronomic versatility.

Hey you! Yes, yes, you. The carnivore. We propose you a challenge. And excuses are not worth us. Don't worry, you're not going to become a vegetarian. It's just for the planet. Next Monday, no meat. 18 years ago a global purpose emerged to achieve a better world: the Meatless Monday. This idea was born from the hand of The Monday Campaigns Inc., public health initiative associated with major health organizations. They spend every Monday trying to instill healthy habits in people's lives. We imagine you were wondering ...

La Prestige Specialist is a great leap forward in pump coffee machines. He immerses himself in all the technological advances of the century XXI. Of course, preserving the flavor and origins. Discover all the keys to this machine capable of marking a before and after in the life of all coffee lovers who start using it.

I was recently talking to one of the best gourmets y gourmets that I know, in addition to being an intelligent and sensitive person, he caused me to reflect. The conversation revolved around the importance of emotions when tasting any product. Although we were basically talking about gourmet product, premium o of excellence we can surely transfer it to any product.

"McAitana" is the new menu of the menu McDonald’s. This same one bears the name of Aitana Ocana, the contestant of Operation Triumph 2017. It is not surprising that the supermarket chain has chosen the singer for its new menu. Aitana was a finalist and has been the one that has achieved the most success. In addition to having 2,7 millions of followers On Instagram the young Catalan has collaborated with internationally recognized singers such as Katy Perry.

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