As every year, on May 27, the National Celiac Day. For this reason, the large Spanish companies reaffirm their commitment to people who are intolerant or allergic to this type of protein. They even promote actions with the associations of those affected. A clear and great example of this is the wide selection of Mercadona's best gluten-free products that we are going to present to you next. The Valencian chain has reinforced with more than 1.000 new products without gluten. Do you want to know the favorites of the consumers? Although you may think otherwise, they have a magnificent taste!

Who has not ever wanted to have a rich and delicious vermouth? This drink has become a classic and Turmeon they know. However, they are also aware that society is changing and that more and more people are looking for a way of life healthier. Therefore, they have decided to bring these two concepts together to create a zero sugar vermouth. Does this idea surprise you? Do you want to know more about this exclusive and novel drink? Wait to meet her.

According to a study DYM Institute, 48% -almost half- of Spaniards consume very little alcohol or consume it occasionally. This only reveals that more and more people are choosing a healthier lifestyle in which the alcohol it has no place. For whatever reason, the number of people who do not drink these types of beverages increases and, with this, they also have to do products that conform to those interests or needs. It is at this point where the dealcoholized wines, an increasingly present alternative.

You may have noticed that more and more products with the gluten-free labeling. Brands today, more often, put that slogan bigger and better visibility. They do this to attract consumers with intolerance to this vegetable protein. But not only them, because they also try to capture the entire population, since indirectly they are made to believe that gluten is not as good as we think. Do you want to know why they act like this? Do you think gluten is good or bad? A new rule will change that bad practice.

The maximum of Natruly sugar free chocolate could be mens sana in corpore sano. Now you can welcome the delicious taste of this food leaving behind all the ingredients that hurt you. A nutritionist and economist who are experts in E-commerce reap another success after their vegan proteins. Find out below what makes this chocolate product so exceptional.

One of the brands most prestigious and loved for its beers but, above all, for those in its range without alcohol, now brings you a groundbreaking alternative. Under the motto "equal to none", the San Miguel Magna Roja 0,0. It is aimed at regular customers of this brewing category who wish to innovate with this single bottle and different between the toasts. Its great potential lies in the flavorThe idea is to satisfy the most restless public in this regard. Here we give you more details about what this beer is like.

Companies that alternatives to eat without salt They are necessary for people who cannot abuse this ingredient in their usual meals. Excessive consumption is the cause of various pathologies. Therefore, it is in the spotlight and nutritionists ask for the effort to modify the diet. Would you dare to leave the salt for a week? Would the food be bland? Here are some solutions to replace it. 

Some people, for health, religious or any other personal reasons, perhaps because they play sports, have to drive or are pregnant, they do not consume alcoholic beverages. For this reason, here we want to recommend the best non-alcoholic wines so that you can still enjoy this great product, despite the circumstances. Which are the most exquisite and with good value for money? Attentive to each one of them!

Many times they appear in the advertising the products associated with slim and perfect bodies. They also promise us that they are tasty and very appetizing but do we really know if it is light it is healthier or has nothing to do with it? Are foods or drinks that have that word on their label healthier? We are going to analyze how they are and what they can contribute to our diet.