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The perfect amount of olive oil daily

We do not discover anything if we say that olive oil is an excellent product and ingredient. Like all products, the question is in what amount is the correct daily consumption of olive oil. If we do not reach that minimum amount, we lose part of the great benefits of olive oil. On the contrary, if we exceed ourselves, we add calories to our diet unnecessarily.

According to Antonio Escribano, Professor of Sports Nutrition and specialist in endocrinology and nutrition. “A moderate and regular consumption of olive oil offers many advantages for our body. Being a necessary fat to consume, its added components make its value multiply and the diet is enriched more”. Dr. Escribano reminds us that, like any food, moderation is also an important factor.

The ideal amount of olive oil is between two and four tablespoons daily.

According to some studies carried out in the United States, they determined that the consumption of 20 grams per day, that is, approximately one and a half tablespoons,  reduce the risk of coronary heart disease.

So it seems that 20 grams is a beneficial minimum amount. Some other studies have gone further and have experimented with what happens if more is ingested. According to other studies carried out with significant samples of consumers, the benefits continue to be greater up to a consumption of up to 40-50 milliliters, that is, between three and four tablespoons daily.

Although this amount of 40-50 milliliters, equivalent to three or four tablespoons, seems to be beneficial, experts recognize that it can vary in each case. For all this and to analyze the particularities of each person, such as weight, age, the diet eaten as well as the pathologies that may be present, it is best to put yourself in the hands of a nutrition expert.