The edible mushrooms they include many types. The chanterelles, wild mushrooms and oronja mushrooms are some of the best known. But today we come to talk to you about a somewhat special one: morel mushrooms. These are a delicacy for many people who love fungal products, but you also have to be very careful with them because they can be very toxic. Do you want to know what they are like and what steps you should follow to be able to enjoy them without problems in your recipes? Attentive!

This of the fermented foods it is nothing new. In fact, humans have fermented our food for thousands and thousands of years. That is, there is evidence that in ancient Egypt leavened bread was made. And in Babylon, back in 3000 BC, they used the process of fermentation for milk. So what is it about novel this technique? Well, in recent years it has been acquiring a leading role that has even extended to haute cuisine. In fact, fermented foods in restaurants are becoming more and more popular. A curious way of cooking to which you have to pay special attention. Because, in reality, where is the boundary between what insurance and inedible? Either way, well controlled, it can lead to elaborations of the most creative and innovative. 

La farming it is a necessary activity for people's lives. We have been able to observe it, above all, throughout the Covid-19 pandemic. For this reason, it is essential to continue rewarding people who work in this sector and who have very innovative projects. Such as Nazaret Mateos Alvarez, the Spanish farmer who has won the award for agrarian women innovation with your project Between mushrooms. Do you want to know what this eco-friendly and award-winning plan consists of, as well as what it offers? We have talked to her. 

Many times for reasons of fatigue, to have Limited time or simply for wanting give you a treat, you decide to buy one of the best prepared dishes in Mercadona. The Valencian supermarket has a succulent and varied offer of food that you can serve with a single stroke of microwave oven. In about two, three or four minutes, you have a delicious recipe ready to feed your palate. Although, of course, there are some preparations that are better than others. Therefore, in this article we want to analyze and recommend the more exquisite so that when you are in front of the stand you do not hesitate in your choice. Getting it right will be synonymous with repeating on other occasions. To the parrot, diner!

A precious delicacy that grows in nature and whose price is usually always high is Teruel truffle. Here we explain why this Aragonese province is the first producer world of a fungus that can be found in Soria also, for example. Also what are the secrets of this black delight whose kilo can be quite expensive, at the price of gold. Or was that before the current pandemic? Discover here this current problem who is suffering and how is this great gourmet product

El chanterelle it is a mushroom that has nothing to do with the red mushrooms of David the gnome. It is so striking since its color and crafts as delicious once you learn to use it in the kitchen. Its consumption is also very popular in much of the world although perhaps you do not know it like others fungal species renowned. Discover in this article all the secrets of this forest delicacy which can also be collected throughout the autumn and even well into winter in certain Spanish regions!

It has just been awarded by the prestigious Gourmand World Cookbook Awards and we can assure you that it is an authentic encyclopedia to become a fungal specialist. The book Eat Mushrooms de Llorenç Petràs is posted by Planet Gastro and it is positioned, now even more after having been awarded, as a capital work in the knowledge of all kinds of species. In the middle of the autumn harvest season of these products that nature gives us, reading this volume will be of great help. Also because among its pages there is no lack of recipes and other tricks to use each mushroom in the kitchen. 

Today we explain how to preserve mushrooms to have them available at home throughout the year. The fact that they are a seasonal product does not mean that you cannot taste them in July if you know how to do it. Discover below the ingenious techniques to prevent them from poaching. One of them explains why it is unlucky to pour the shawl. Have you heard anything about this before? Curious!