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Cheese, dairy and eggs

El milk claim it is unfair and unnecessary. Some consumers don't realize it. Maybe you don't value it. The truth is that many distribution chains use products claim as promotion. This old strategy is currently affecting many producers very hard. In this case, the one that is already reaching an unsustainable point is the dairy sector. All of this puts this livestock activity at risk, which has been in reconversion for many years, with cost adjustments and profitability improvements and which now it's hit rock bottom.

There is no better companion for those nights when you want to give yourself a good whim than a hamburger. And it is that, it is one of the favorite preparations for many in those occasions in which gluttony takes over the stomach. And what would a burguer be without all the ingredients who accompany her? To discover the best products for her, you must know the best cheese for burgers. Without a doubt, each of them will give you that special touch that everyone loves. You just have to choose your favorite and, in this case ... Make it melt!

All experts agree that the breakfast it is the most important meal of the day. Therefore, you have to try to bring the best products to the table. And what is better than milk for that time of day? Without a doubt, it is able to calm the hunger of the whole night and provide adequate energy for the rest of the day. However, and as in everything, there are some better than others, do you want to know the best milk on the market? The OCU has commissioned a study to recommend which is the dominant power in the dairy world.

If there is something that characterizes Spanish gastronomy, it is its quality and diversity. Wherever you go within the Hispanic geography, you will find first class products, with an unbeatable flavor and history. The clear example of this is the cheese: the Torta del Casar in Cáceres, the Idiazábal in Guipúzcoa, the Mahón in Menorca, the Tetilla in Galicia ... and these are just some of the many that exist throughout the country. Because there are others, perhaps less known, but whose characteristics have placed them at the top of the cheese world: to name one, the Villarejo cheese. This product Cuenca has obtained the gold award and a near perfect score -99 out of 100-, in its category in the Lyon International Competition. Let's get to know a little more about this dairy product that has received such distinguished recognition!

The world of gastronomy hides thousands of secrets and products of immense quality. Although, sometimes they are unknown by the general public, the truth is that there are foods that have characteristics worthy of mention. And, an example of this are the utrerana chicken eggs. Which show some differences with respect to their peers, both in terms of appearance and components. Do you know all these disparities? Without a doubt, you will be surprised by all the inequalities there may be between one egg and another. However, the producing breed is in danger, They must be taken care of with special attention!

Between valleys, forests of cork oaks and holm oaks, and surrounded by huge jarales; an orography that, on the one hand is mountain range and, on the other hand, peneplain. There, in that varied landscape of the north of Estremadura, is the area of ​​production of a cheese from goat full of flavor, personality and tradition. Is he Ibores cheese; has a Protected Designation of Origin (DOP) that guarantees its quality -which has led it to win multiple recognitions and awards- and, in addition, it is respectful with the environment, having a high ecological value. Do you want to know more about this goat cheese so special?

According to a study carried out by the University of Reading (UK), milk consumption cannot be associated with an increase in cholesterol level. The aforementioned work published in the International Journal of Obesity analyzed three large population groups. With this he discovered that people who continuously drank large amounts of dairy had lower levels of good and bad cholesterol. We give you more details of their conclusions below.

The large supermarket chains are always in continuous renewal. Every new day they bet on avant-garde products that contribute positive aspects to the health of their customers. Proof of this is the Lidl's Skyr, which has been named as the most innovative food of the last year. It is a dairy, but the fermentation process is different, so it can be considered as a fake yogurt. Do you find this great product interesting? Without a doubt, you will be surprised by both its characteristics and its good nutritional properties. Add rennet to your life!