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The imminent arrival of August means that the summer continues to advance. This, like everything, has its good part and its not so good part. This, gastronomically speaking, implies that some other product loses Protagonism; but also that others become important. It is the case of blackberries, which in addition to being rich in flavor are also rich in properties. Do you want to discover what are the benefits of blackberries? Let's see it!

Summer is here. With it come a few months in which one of the most refreshing allied foods to combat the heat is, without a doubt, the fruit. Think about it: what would you like more than a good watermelon, melon or pineapple? And let's not forget, of course, the cherries. The latter is a popular fruit both in spring and summer and, in addition to being fresh and tasty, it hides a series of properties that make it an even more attractive food. Do you want to know what are the unexpected benefits of cherries? Read on and find out!

The high temperatures typical of summer make people spend long hours in the pool. Or who can, on the beach. So what better snack than a good piece of fresh fruit? But, to be able to enjoy it to the fullest, you have to continue some recommendations. Therefore, it is important that you know the dangers of cut melon, and other foods with the same characteristics. If you follow each and every one of the tips that we are going to teach you, you will enjoy the great fruit products Spanish people. A cold and delicious touch for these days of intense heat!

Why are there the dangers of cut melon?

BUY chopped or split fruit it can be a great danger. Especially if it is melon, or even, watermelon. This is so because it is easier for them to develop microorganisms. Which are capable of causing numerous food poisoning. The cause of this situation is given because by leaving the flesh of the fruit uncovered, it is more likely to become contaminated in some way. That is, the fruit has its own natural protection. But, if it is eliminated, everything is lost.

Therefore, at the precise moment in which the food loses its skin, the proliferation of microorganisms capable of intoxicating. It should be noted that some of the dangers of cut melon appear already from its production. Since any pathogen present in the soils where they have been previously planted. Knowing all this, it is imperative that wash your piece before taking a good bite.

Melons Source: revistamercados.com (pinterest.com)

There are ways to avoid the dangers of cut melon

There are a few ways you can buy fruit cut from safe way. Or, at least, with certain guarantees. This is that in the business where you decide to acquire it is kept in refrigerators. In addition to the label must indicate the date and the Exact time in which it has been cut. As a recommendation, if you arrive at your supermarket and only the price appears on the melon, better leave it where you have seen it. And, with much more reason if it is also room temperature.

That said, it may be that, although the store complies with all of the above, buy cut fruit not the best option. Because, the transport factor of the food. It is a very important point to avoid contamination. The best option for this process is to take it in a frozen bag. And, as you get home, you put it in the fridge. The most important thing is that the food is at room temperature for the shortest possible time.

Other big problems

Obviously, unlike meat and fish, fruits they are not cooked before ingesting them. Therefore, there is no main way of elimination of pathogens. So when you decide to buy a melon either whole or sliced, remember to wash it conscientiously. Experts advise a good amount of water under the tap. And, of course, do not use soaps or detergents. From AESAN, they recommend that you use specific brushes for hard-shelled fruits.

When it comes to storing them, as they are already cut fruits, you must keep them in the fridge. And, if it can be in film paper on the lower shelves of the refrigerator. Which is where the cold is most intense. It should be noted that the desinfection of all pieces of fruit, whatever their nature, is very important for certain age groups. How can the pregnant, very young children o immunosuppressed people.

Danger of cut melon

Melons Source: Comefruta.es

Cause of an outbreak

It is possible that even knowing all this, you believe that the dangers of cut melon they are not that serious. You may even think that you have been following this routine all your life and nothing has ever happened. But, this same year the consumption of melons with salmonellosis outbreak. Which has caused an infection of more than 200 people. In up to 11 different countries. This is so, because watery fruits they are the most prone to contamination. While in the case of acidic it's more complicated.

What is your Favorite fruit of the summer? It is possible that the melon be your answer. So, try to follow all recommendations that you have been able to learn. Without a doubt, one of the most delicious fruits of the season, and one that you will be able to enjoy No danger taking some precautions. It is the best time to enjoy summer and good food.

That why eat watermelon? There is a wide variety of possible answers. Some people will do it for the taste, others to cool off. However, did you know anything about the benefits it brings to the health? Do not worry, by reading this article you will get rid of doubts once and for all. Can it be good for him heart? Read on and you will realize that watermelon is much more than water.

How we like what we love

Summer is coming and with it the summer fruit. Some like the peach Cherry or melon crowd the shelves. However, the latter is the protagonist along with another similar fruit in a certain way. Watermelon is liked by the oldest and the smallest in the house. It is common to see a child making a fuss for not wanting to eat broccoli. However, they tend to like watermelon. In addition, they like so much in Spain that only in 2020 were produced 1.268,4 tons of this fruit. 

why eat watermelon

Watermelon / Source: Pixabay

According to Cute Solar, a company dedicated to solar greenhouses, Spain exports eight out of ten watermelons. These begin to be collected at end of april and production is maintained until early july. Once harvested, they end up in stores throughout Europe, especially Germany, France and the United Kingdom. In the Spanish case, the most consumed are black striped and the mini. Many choose to buy it seedless since it is easier to eat. This reason makes it attractive to children.

Why eat watermelon? Nutritional benefits

One of the reasons is because it improves your heart health. It has a substance called citrulline that becomes arginine. Both are amino acids that promote blood flow by maintaining the elasticity of the arteries and blood vessels. Another is that it can come to you in luxury if what you want is Lose Weight. The reason is its low fat and calorie content (thirty per hundred grams). Despite this, it will provide you with nutrients. It is very easy to carry cut in a tupper and you can take it as a snack.

If you still wonder why eat watermelon, don't worry and keep reading. Another good reason may be because it helps you raise the levels of Energy. Not surprisingly, it contains magnesium y Vitamin B6. Not to mention that it is an excellent anti-inflammatory, same as the ginger. In addition to the aforementioned B6, it also contains B9, A y C. They strengthen your immune system. LA C, as if that were not enough, hinders the formation of free radicals associated with the development of cancer.  

Do you need more reasons to eat watermelon?

We can also refer to the capacity moisturizer that has. Let's not forget that it is made up of a ninety two percent de Water. It also has electrolytes. It is also able to help the rskin egeneration. The enzymes involved in the generation of collagen, component of the cicatrization, they need vitamin C to function. We can even talk about its lipucocene content. This name probably doesn't sound like anything to you. However, it is a great ally when it comes to maintaining healthy and strong bones.

watermelon heading

Watermelon split in two / Source: Pixabay

It is also rich in potassium. This helps retain the football in the body, which can benefit our bones. His diuretic effect increases urine flow and protects kidneys. This is key when it comes to removing ammonia from the liver. It also has a large number of betacarotenos. These pigments are transformed into vitamin A by the body, which helps our eyesight.

Just health?

Why make references to health when we can talk about how rich it is. Although it mostly uses of dessert, it may also be a good idea to use it in salads with fresh cheese. As for desserts; You can also use it to prepare sorbets, ice creams or juices. Some even prepare tapas by cutting the watermelon into prisms and placing a anchovy on lettuce. Some prefer it in Macedonian and others get more creative. Luckily for tastes are the colors. And you? Why do you eat watermelon?







The nuts they are in charge of satiating hunger between meals. Who doesn't love a good handful of peanuts or pistachios? They are small delicacies of spectacular flavor capable of delighting everyone. However, there are some who are in a serious production problem. Among them, the almond harvest, which has descended notably in the last year. Do you want to know what the causes of this panorama that they have to face? Solving all these problems is of vital importance to recover this fruit in important danger.

Ways to do the gazpacho there's a lot; we will not enter into the discussion of which is the best of them all. Be that as it may, what is an absolute truth is that, as the paella or the omelette, this dish is an unmistakable symbol of Spanish gastronomy. Originally from southern Spain, it is said to be the creation of the ancients Andalusian peasants and laborers, who made use of cooking with dry bread, water, tomatoes, garlic, oil, salt and vinegar, mainly. Over the years the list of ingredients has changed, adding others such as pepper or cucumber. And it is that, in the end, it is about that, right? Innovate without losing the first essence of gazpacho. That is just what they have done from the company of Collados gazpachos.

It is difficult to find a vegetable that gives us several flavors at the same time. Rhubarb, in addition to keeping this characteristic, is a rich vegetable of spring red in color that brings great benefits to those who consume it with that flavor so rare that it leaves no one indifferent. Do you want to know more about this fascinating and surprising food? Stay with us to find out.

With the debut in the Eurocup of the Spanish Soccer Team meetings began at friends' houses to enjoy the beautiful sport. Surely, on all the tables there was some kind of pecking to calm the nerves of the lack of goal. To complement these foods comes one of the best products of the Spanish territory, the Canarian banana. In fact, the most popular fruit brand in the country has strengthened its support for sports linked to healthy nutrition. Thus becoming the first official fruit of the national team.