El Mercadona protein yogurt It can be a good option if you want to grow your muscles. Take a pair to the locker room for when you finish training. But why? What makes them such a good option in the supplementation market? Below you will discover the main virtues of this food that does not have to be only for athletes. There will also be no critical. And you? Would you have a pair when you leave the gym?

It was the most anticipated by many of the customers or "bosses“, As the Valencian company calls them, and it is already arriving at More than 1.600 stores spread across Spain. The Mercadona brioche bread, with the typical format for hamburgers, it aims to be a different alternative to the rest of similar products that the supermarket has been selling for a long time. Why? What is special about this newly launched novelty?

With the high temperatures, some hot drinks more typical of autumn or winter are no longer so appealing. However, also in summer you can bet on Mercadona's cold infusions to take with ice even. Without having to wait for the classic hot infusion to warm up a bit so as not to burn your mouth, the best alternative in summer is this product. In addition, the supermarket has just added a new 'signing' to its range of flavors that will surely seduce you to taste it. Do you want to know what it is?

Like every summer, the Valencian supermarket par excellence in our country tries to surprise those it calls its "bosses" and this 2021 was not going to be less. Therefore, in their freezers you can already find some new Mercadona ice creams that are presented in two varieties. In any case, the proposal is very attractive, since each of the cones hides succulent bits of an ingredient inside. Thus, your refreshing experience on the palate is also accompanied by crunchy tiny bites for a superlative flavor of the product. Below we give you more details of these news.

New in more than attractive that has just arrived at the supermarket of the Valencian chain. The saxony turkey breast it is an option fast, light and tasty to enjoy a meat product with a high contribution of proteins. It captivates you for its natural smoked flavor but also because it is presented in an ideal format to cook. If you want to know more, it still hides more secrets, so we will tell you about them below.

As every year, on May 27, the National Celiac Day. For this reason, the large Spanish companies reaffirm their commitment to people who are intolerant or allergic to this type of protein. They even promote actions with the associations of those affected. A clear and great example of this is the wide selection of Mercadona's best gluten-free products that we are going to present to you next. The Valencian chain has reinforced with more than 1.000 new products without gluten. Do you want to know the favorites of the consumers? Although you may think otherwise, they have a magnificent taste!

El gazpacho It is the star of the summer, an emblematic symbol and one of the favorite dishes of much of the population for its tradition, its refreshing capacity and its unique flavor. If, in addition, you are one of those who prefer to buy this dish prepared already to consume, the new Lidl's gazpacho you sure love it. It has ingredients as differential as pink tomato and you can consume it at any time or occasion. Do you want to know more about this novelty of the German supermarket?

Although the summer heat is already beginning to heat up, there is a plate of vegetables that always goes well into the stomach. Whether they are freshly cooked, already prepared in a pot or ... in the Mercadona's new lentil cream! With this novelty that is already presented to us as a very healthy food, the Valencian chain wants to add variety to its assortment of this product category. Because their chilled creams They were not born yesterday, but have already been on the shelves for a long time, in that supermarket objective for offering you a recipe fast, healthy and tasty. But, what is special about this proposal of the most nutritious that exists? Attentive!

It is a traditional delicacy of the Spanish cuisine that you can find in every corner of the country with recipes that even adjust to those typical products of each region. They are prepared with very diverse ingredients but, in common, they have to be delicious all. As well the best croquettes in Mercadona that you have at your disposal to buy, especially frozen, although they also sell them refrigerated. The former are part of a more than attractive and varied assortment while of the latter there are only two alternatives. Do you want to know which ones you should try yes or yes, in addition to the latest news introduced by Juan Roig?

Aimed at vegan consumers and adding to the boom that this type of product has had in recent years, the Mercadona's new vegetable drink comes to bring more variety. Because in this category you can already find various alternatives that allow you to substitute the traditional animal milk. But what ingredients do these options really take? substitutes? Below we analyze whether or not they are worth choosing, in terms of flavorful and nutritious, taking advantage of the novelty that is already in the supermarkets of Juan Roig.