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Ham and sausages

Surely you have ever heard of or been lucky enough to try the tasty products of the well-known Grupo Tello Food. They market foods such as ham, chóped, chicken or turkey. And, now, they have surprised us all again with a new range of stews called Essence. Do you want to know more about this renowned brand and about the delicious cocidos of Tello? Right now we will tell you.

Grupo Tello Food, quality meats

Grupo Tello Food is a Toledo company with more than 50 years of experience. His adventure started it Eusebio Tello Cogolludo with the opening of a small store in San Pablo de los Montes (Toledo). There the activity of commercialization of the products began. They specially make food meat and its motto is to maintain the balance between innovation and tradition. Likewise, it currently consists of more than 1000 workers and produces more than 60 million kg per year.

Tello stews

Tello brand logo | Source: Tello.es

Since 2017, companies Pamplonica and Mina became part of the great Tello Group. And in 2019 it continued to grow, incorporating its great family into the brands of Valle, Vicente López and Montflorit. Now they have decided to venture again by launching the incredible range Essence.

Tello stews, with more than 80% meat

Tello's Esencia range is made up of a selection that is made up of Duroc Cooked Ham, Turkey Breast and Chicken Breast. The first of them, with a 94% percentage of meat of origin 100% national, is made from a single piece of Duroc hams. Also from exclusively certified farms with Animal Welfare. The other two references are formed by a 80% and 90% meat percentage, respectively, and are made from whole breast boneless by hand.

Tello stews

Tello's Turkey Breasts | Source: Tello.es

These new products are available in counter piece and sliced ​​formats (125 grams). Likewise, the range It has neither gluten, nor lactose, nor colorants, nor added starches. In addition, the packaging is recyclable, that is, the pieces are presented in reusable 100% cotton cloth bags. And the sliced ​​ones, meanwhile, come out in reclosable containers and with a 37% reduction in plastic.

Your commitment to sustainability

One of the many short-term goals of Grupo Tello Food is to deepen its ecological commitment, implementing in its processes solutions based on the eco-sustainable development model that the survival of the planet requires. Thus, the company is undertaking an important and significant reduction of plastic in its packaging; to which, in addition, it is beginning to incorporate recyclable, reclosable and recycled materials.

Renowned chefs of the Tello Food Group | Source: Tello.es

Responding to the contribution of companies in improving the environmental health, Tello has also accelerated the implementation of procedures that contemplate its sustainability plan, aimed at reducing pollution and promoting the efficient use of resources. For this, the company has begun to reduce 25% of plastic in its packaging in the entire range of processed slices, and to manufacture the heat-sealing trays of fresh products in mono PET, with 92% recycled material.

The importance of caring for animals

To promote the circular economy, it is also incorporating other new measures, such as the transport of the products in reusable boxes, managing to reduce the generation of waste. Similarly, the care of animals It's fundamental. With it, a higher quality raw material is guaranteed, which helps them to continue fulfilling their main commitment. And, of course, with its reason for being, to contribute to the good diet, health and well-being of all people by making products of the highest quality.

Black pig

Tello is a brand known for its sausages / Source: Pixabay

Now that you know a little more about the history of the origin of the Tello Group, its ecological commitment and its new cooked We hope you give them a try and enjoy them even more. You can get them in the Tello online store or in supermarkets such as Carrefour, Corte Inglés or Alcampo, at a really affordable price. What are you waiting for to meet the Duroc Cooked Ham, Turkey Breast and Chicken Breast from the Esencia range? We are looking forward to doing so.

It is clear that Spanish products have a spectacular quality. All national supermarkets strive to offer the best to their customers. However, lately, there have been some cases that cast doubt on this claim. And, the most famous has been that of DAY. Company that has launched fake Iberian. But, their senior officials assure that they have been victims of a big fraud. Therefore, they do not consider themselves guilty of this scam. Do you think that the sale of these foods spoils the reputation Of the brand?

Spain is undoubtedly one of the countries with the highest gastronomic quality. There are products for all kinds of events and celebrations. And, they are capable of adapting to any daily situation. Among these foods, surely you know the meat of pig. The one that each region has known how to interpret and preserve in the best conditions. Therefore, today we present you the best Galician sausage. Surely you already know most of them, but some will leave you with your mouth open and wanting to take a good bite. Are you ready to discover the best of the best in the North Zone of the national territory?

The best Galician sausage

If Spain is characterized by something, and in this case Galicia, it is because it has a wide range of meat products. All of them very traditional and with a quality worthy of admiration. And the thing is, these are products that you will only be able to find here. In addition, they have behind their back centuries of history with which they have managed to reach the value they currently have. It is worth highlighting the impressive materials with which you work and the great dedication of the producers in its elaboration.

But, the safest thing is that when you hear about the Galician gastronomy, the first thing that comes to mind is the shellfish. And the reality is that this area has a great variety of these products. However, they also have meat of immense quality. Along with the well-known beef that they raise in their large meadows, they also produce some pig food. Here we present and show you some of the best.

Galician sausage

Galician sausage. Source: embutidosasalgueira..es

The king of Galician sausage

Although not as popular in other national areas, the lacon is rising as the king of the Galician sausage. It is one of the most popular pork products typical from the north of Spain. It comes from front legs of the pig. And, for its preparation, a process quite similar to that of Serrano ham is followed. The appearance of this product is clean and firm, with a consistent muscle mass. In addition, its fat is quite dense and whitish. All of this gives you a special touch by which its flavor is characterized.

If you are interested in knowing more about this great product, you should know that its texture is very firm. Although, it always depends on your degree of cure. Surely you have ever seen it in your nearest supermarket. Well, his flesh is colored light pink, aromatic and with a mild and slightly salty flavor. Last but not least, the aroma of the pork shoulder could be described as quite nice.

The great unknown

Surely you have rarely heard the word androlla. But, it is one of the great products of the Galician sausage. It is very typical of the provinces of Ourense and Lugo, especially in the bordering areas of El Bierzo. This food is made almost entirely of rib. Which is then marinated with garlic, sweet and spicy paprika. This meat gets into a large intestine gut and undergoes a process of smoked. Thanks to these steps, the androlla gets its characteristic flavor.

If you are interested, and you want to taste it, you should know that it is usually eaten cooked. And, accompanied by cachelos, collard greens or even turnip greens. Have a spicy taste with an exquisite relationship between sweet and salty. As a curious fact, Galician chef experts recommend wrap it in a cloth when cooked so that it does not burst.

Galician sausage

Androlla. Source: boproveito.blogspot.com

Galician chorizo

In this case, the sausage It is a food known both in Spain and internationally. But, in Galicia you can find some of the best. It is made with pork with 50% of thin and the same as bacon and grease. Once this meat is minced, salt, sweet and spicy paprika and garlic are added, responsible for its intense aroma. Also of its red color, homogeneous and soft texture.

In this northern area there are different varieties of chorizo. Among them stands out the ceboleiro, to which, as its name suggests, onion and other seasonings are added. Although, you may be interested in other options such as the Pontevedra chorizo Ouzande de Bandeira or the landlord of To Golada.

Have you had a chance to try some of these great products? The Galician sausage It is one of those that hide the most secrets, both in its preparation and in its taste. And the thing is, they are foods of immense quality. They will all do the delights of young people and adults on a visit to northern lands.

The world of gastronomy is, without a doubt, one of the most committed to innovation. And, more after the complicated situation the country is going through due to the serious health crisis and its consequent economic. Therefore, although you may think otherwise, until the livestock sector he has had to find new ways of working to ensure his survival. But, what nobody expected is the last revolution, which consists of sponsor a pig from Jabugo. It sure sounds strange to you, in fact, it is the most normal. But before judging this new proposal, find out what it is!

El Father's Day It is the ideal occasion to thank yours for everything they have done and what they continue to do for you. And what better option than to give him something that, without a doubt, he will like: delicious gourmet food. For parents who love good food, any of the gourmet gifts for parents that we are going to offer you today you will love it. Although, if your father is not such a fan of food, you can begin to open up a world of gastronomic possibilities that makes him feel a devotion to the culinary world. Do you want to know what gifts we are talking about?

Gourmet gifts to surprise your father

The first option among the gourmet gifts for parents that we offer you is something that you cannot miss: the ham. Now in the store Navidul, Can customize your own gastronomic gift. You can choose between entertaining him with a leg of ham, so that his art of cutting it explodes; or ham already cut, if it is more than going to the table. In them, you can write your personalized message to finish exciting your father with this delicious surprise.

gourmet gifts for parents

Custom Navidul Ham Leg | Source: Navidul.es

The second option that will leave your father stunned is a gourmet product worth giving away on this special day. And it's nothing more and nothing less than one Gourmet Malvasia Foie Basket. In this lot there are three products of Malvasia Duck in a nice case: the Foie de Grass block, the Parfaite de Foie (pasta) and the Mousse de Foie (pasta with truffle).

Also, if your father can't take gluten, is the ideal choice, since this Gourmet Box is part of the Gluten-free Food List published by the Federation of Celiac Associations of Spain and are part of the guarantee brand "Tierra de Sabor".

The third option that we propose is to flatter him with a Trencadís Olive Oil Case with 4 Flavors. This case Sahita Trencadís It is an edition in tribute to contemporary Spanish artists linked to Mediterranean culture, which makes this gift even more special.

The flavors it has are a range of sweet, smooth, balanced and intense oils (Arbequina, Morisca, Picual and Hojiblanca). In addition, as you already know, the oil has multiple options for use in the kitchen. For example, dressing and dressing salads and meats; As an ingredient in sauces, such as mayonnaise and aioli or vinaigrettes; or simply to fry food. Any choice to use it is good if any of the 4 flavors of the Trencadís case are used.

Moving on to drinks, in case you prefer this type of choice, the fourth option that we recommend, if your parent is more of beer, is the Spanish Craft Beer Tasting Pack. We are sure that you will love trying some of the most artisan flavors of our country. In addition, this selection of classic styles from Beer Cerex They are presented in an artisan display case carved with pine wood from Extremadura.

The pack is made up of four beers: Cherry, Iberian acorn, Chestnut and Pilsen, packed in 330 ml bottles. Its main ingredients are water, barley malt, acorn, hops and yeast and you can get it easily and quickly on Amazon.

Finally, the sweet is the best choice if you want to give a great treat at least once a year. The basket of Valeli chocolates and sweets It will greatly sweeten your palate. The basket is made up of Kinder Bueno, Bones Valor, ChocoWafer, Hazelnut, 2 Chocoballs and 8 types Vidal gummies: sponges, clouds, red licorice and strawberry cream, wild strawberries, twist kisses, bananas and coke.

The sweets in that basket, in addition to being incredible, are gluten-free and fat-free. They also come in an attractive gift box with a very creative design for him. St. Joseph's Day.

Choose one of these five great options gourmet gifts for parents for March 19, opting for something exceptional. With an affordable price, you can get these gifts on Amazon through the link that we have put under each alternative or on the website of Navidul.es in the case of ham. What is the one that has convinced you the most?

The controversy returns to the Spanish ham sector. After the controversies that recurrently occur in the IberianNow it is the turn of the white-coated ham. On this occasion, everything is caused by the interest of the Ministry of Agriculture and the main meat employers (Anise) for creating the IGP Spanish Serrano Ham.

Both institutions, driving the demand, hope to obtain from the European Union a Protected Geographical Indication for the Serrano ham. An IGP that covers the entire national territory (with the exception of Ceuta and Melilla). With this they intend to “monopolize” the distinctive commercial domain of this product. Leaving in this way the productions of other European geographical areas and third countries.

Among all the salami that you can find on the market today, there is a very prominent one that has specific features. As one of the older sausages that is made in Catalan lands, the Vic sausage surprises in the mouth with its spicy touch. But also with his Protected Geographical Indication that link you to your area of ​​origin. Here we tell you the history of this meat product and what are its peculiarities

La swivel It is a typical dish of the Catalan Pyrenees. It is one of the few lamb sausages that are successful in Spain. Like the chickens, it started in the lower classes and worked its way up to its present prestige. Here we tell you its traditional origin and some curiosities such as its Guinness record. Surely you were unaware of this little-known product.