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Drinking coffee helps keep blood pressure low.

After some studies carried out by experts from the Department of Medical and Surgical Sciences of the University of Bologna, it has been concluded that drinking coffee helps to keep blood pressure low.

Wild boar meat.

Wild boar is a wild pig, so the flavors of both meats are similar. Its diet based on fruits, seeds, herbs, roots or acorns, make wild boar meat lean and low in calories.

Fish consumption increases by 900% in China.

According to Norwegian Seafood analyst Eivind Hestvik, fish consumption has increased by 900% in China. This increase reflects the potential of the Chinese market in this sector. However, both conference attendees and Hestvik have raised concerns that this rapid growth could lead to a decline in the raw material in the market.

The best gastronomy in the world.

When choosing a destination to travel, between monuments, landscapes, weather, etc. Gastronomy is one of the things that makes you opt for...

Barcelona and biodiversity

The next Gastronomic Forum Barcelona (GFB), which will take place from November 6 to 8, 2023 in Hall 8 of the Fira de Barcelona Montjuïc venue, will focus on cuisine that seeks to preserve biodiversity. This program will highlight the importance of sustainability and social responsibility in gastronomy.

Food innovation, changes in meals.

During the last years, food innovation is playing a key role, changing eating habits. The evolution of society and the changes in our needs and preferences are driving scientists, entrepreneurs and food experts to develop innovative technologies and approaches that enhance our culinary experience.

How is deer meat?

Deer meat is famous in many countries around the world, and its properties make it a healthy option, being an alternative to beef or pork. It must be taken into account that sometimes deer meat is more difficult to find than traditional meats. Also, as with any meat, proper precautions must be taken when it comes to sourcing, storage, preparation, and cooking to ensure food safety.

Stagnation of plant-based products.

According to the latest report published by Rabobank, the plant-based products industry is in a new phase in which it will have to adjust its forecasts due to the stagnation of the last year. The report offers a vision of the evolution of this sector and anticipates some relevant trends.

The Spanish seek healthy and sustainable habits.

Every year, the Spanish improve their diet and quality of life with healthy and sustainable habits. Exercise, better nutrition and commitment to the environment are actions in the day to day of the Spanish. Bruñó has carried out a study called "Have we matured? We are not perfect, but we are trying", to verify the relationship between life habits and food.

Fish consumption falls by 12% in the last...

According to the consultant Kantar, fish consumption has decreased by 12% in the last twelve months. These data were presented during the 23rd...