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How long can food be in the freezer?

To make the most of food, sometimes we decide to freeze it to use it at another time. Also, before throwing away what we have bought or has left over, we decide to store it in the freezer. And although freezing food is a good option to preserve it, the reality is that food in the freezer also has an expiration date. 

How to consume sausage in a healthy way.

Is the sausage healthy? Several studies have shown that sausages, choped and mortadella contain meat of the worst possible quality.

Two French restaurants lose their Michelin stars.

Michelin has withdrawn their Michelin stars from two French restaurants, an information bombshell that has generated quite a bit of expectation.

How to clean a burnt pan.

Misusing pans reduces their useful life. Some of these bad habits are; using metal instruments that damage the nonstick or storing them incorrectly. To store pans correctly, the ideal is to use protectors for them, and not stack them. A burnt pan can affect food, changing its smell and taste.

Third edition of «Seas Forever».

The international organization Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) launches the third edition of 'Seas Forever'. With this initiative, the objective is to make the public aware of the importance of protecting marine resources. Spain is a country that is very involved with sustainable fishing, since it has a leading fleet in Europe. In addition to a large seafood industry and a high consumption of fish. 

Pastor de Aranda, the first 100% natural buttermilk drink.

The Spanish company Pascual has launched "Pastor de Aranda" on the market, a natural drink made exclusively from buttermilk.

Spanish chorizo ​​continues to meet goals.

In the year 2022, the Spanish Chorizo ​​Consortium reached a new goal. It managed to reach sixty-one thousand kilograms labeled in Spain, 18% more than in 2021. In addition, sales of chorizo ​​with the association's quality seal have reached approximately three million in the fifty-five countries in which That operates.

Viena Capellanes celebrates its 150th anniversary.

The famous Viena Capellanes catering celebrates its 150th anniversary. Founded in 1873 by Matías Lacasa and the Valencian doctor Ramón Martí. The Madrid company has always known how to adapt to the present, so as not to be left behind. They introduced Vienna bread and French pastry to Spain. Also, they were the forerunners in home delivery and catering services.

Half of consumers do not read the labels of the...

Only 44% of Spaniards read food labels. The rest only look at the label from above or do not even read it, according to a study carried out by the Organization of Consumers and Users. 

GranaJoven Chef Contest 2023.

The Granada City Council, through its Department of Youth and together with IDEAL, has opened the call to register for the GranaJoven Chef Contest 2023. The tenth edition of the culinary contest, where young promises between eighteen and thirty-five years old can participate. The objective of this contest is to promote the projection and professional insertion of the contestants.