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5 strange drinks that you did not know

Some time ago we told you about kumache, a sauce as rare as it is dangerous. Today, instead of a sauce, we bring you 5 drinks...

A candy for each month of the year

In winter, nougat; in spring, French toast; flan for summer and brownies for fall. Today, a sweet for each month of the year.

Healthy kebab pizza at home

The kebab pizza is a new and very tasty dish. With this recipe you can make it at home and also in a healthy way.

The versatility of legumes

Legumes, versatile and delicious in all their forms, provide us with iron, phosphorus, magnesium, fiber and protein.

The origin of cutlery

Although they are now part of our culture, it has not always been eaten with a knife and fork. We tell you the history of cutlery.

Aged meat is in fashion

Aged meat is in fashion. What is it and how does its flavor differ from the rest? How to cook it and where can I eat it?

Busting myths about sushi

Think you know everything about sushi? Here I leave you three myths about sushi that you thought were true and surely you did not know.

Scotch whiskey exports break records in 2022

2022 has been a good year for Scotch whiskey. Exports of this alcoholic beverage have broken records around the world.

Barcelona, ​​the Spanish city that is most interested in...

According to an analysis carried out, Barcelona is the city in Spain in which vegan food generates the most interest.

Dans le noir, dinner in the dark

A dinner in the dark at Dans Le Noir, the restaurant in Madrid where you will develop your senses while enjoying a surprise menu.