A precious delicacy that grows in nature and whose price is usually always high is Teruel truffle. Here we explain why this Aragonese province is the first producer world of a fungus that can be found in Soria also, for example. Also what are the secrets of this black delight whose kilo can be quite expensive, at the price of gold. Or was that before the current pandemic? Discover here this current problem who is suffering and how is this great gourmet product

She is a great unknown of the mycology but its appreciation is increasing, it can be grown on unproductive land, it does not require any fertilization and not even a lot of water. After about three years of research to develop it as culture -since previously it could be found in the wild- the Murcian desert truffle it is already a reality. From the University of Murcia (UMU) to various agricultural areas spread over different parts of the southeast peninsula region, this edible hypogeal mushroom is gaining prominence. Also in gastronomy, thanks to its use in different dishes together with other typical products of the Murcian garden. Are you one of those who still do not know the turma? We present it to you here!

We are still in season of black truffle and we take advantage of this time of year to tell you about The Trufería first physical store what sells in Madrid this fresh wild delicacy and its derivatives. Maria Jose Rozalénnatural Teruel, is the owner of this pioneering establishment in the capital. Its premises are located in the popular Mercado de San Antón, although it also markets its products through the web. Despite the fact that in our country, these mushrooms are not widely consumed, the Teruel woman wanted to help make them known. Also to make them available to the client in a very crowded point.

Although we have fresh truffle all year round thanks to the summer harvests, undoubtedly in mid-November the collection of this wild diamond begins. In this article we talk about the black winter truffle, found with the help of Dogs, usually. Find out here where it grows and what markets with her as the protagonist are organized in different parts of Spain, as well as her gastronomic use. 

La Edition 33 from this appointment he has left us these novelties of the Gourmet Fair 2019, where wines, oils, hams, sausages and cheeses continue to reign. From April 8 to 11, this fair that hosts the space IFEMA of Madrid brings together the best gastronomic products between trends or innovations. In Great Products We have traveled to the Spanish capital to tell you first-hand and in several articles the main attractions on display. 

Can you imagine preparing a ham, black truffle or cheese flavored omelette without using any of these ingredients directly or as such? With the new and innovative Koroko flavored eggs it is already possible. All thanks to the invention of a young student, Cayetano Belso, founder of the Alicante company that manufactures this product. It is natural, without additives or preservatives and with a very particular flavor. This is what he has told in an interview with EFE.

During the weekend of February 16 and 17, 2019, the XVII edition of the Soria Truffle Fair In the town of Beeing. An event that is repeated year after year with the obtaining of very positive results for the sector of the truffle.

Thus, in this next appointment the number of 37 participating companies which have already been in previous editions. In addition, it is expected to comply with the two main objectives marked by the organizers, according to the County Council of Soria.

Internalization and greater space for the Truffle Fair in Soria

In the different stands distributed by a wider fairground, companies will be able to present their recreational, scientific and gastronomic activities. All in order to disseminate and invite attendees to learn about aspects related to the Soriana truffle.

Of course, you can also taste the so-called 'Black Diamond' from the mountains of Soria in its different products that have it as a protagonist. Along with this, it will also be possible to attend seminars and workshops, as well as visiting a truffle farm. A luxury to discover how the 'hunted' black truffle with the help of dogs.

Another objective will be to receive speakers and exhibitors from different countries such as United States, Australia or other Europeans. So, in this Truffle Fair in Soria outside experts will make their presentations. Among them, there will also be Spaniards from various autonomous communities. They will be able to sell their products made with quality truffles. A group of technicians from the CESEFOR Foundation they will prove its excellence.

Soria Truffle Fair

Gastronomic contest and other outstanding activities

In this Soria Truffle Fair one of the stellar events will be the gastronomic contest that awards three chefs or cooks, talents of the national cuisine. Other outstanding activities that all visitors can enjoy (in the last edition they were 7.000) will pass through visits, workshops, tastings and other competitions. One of the scientific seminars most relevant will be the one with the presence of forestry experts from the University of Cambridge. 

On the other hand, on Saturday night, the fair will be filled with atmosphere and music with the second edition of the TruffleRock. The groups will act The Sugar Stones y Los Pizarros, whose attendance is already confirmed. In addition, during that weekend you can eat the gastronomic menu par excellence made with truffle black. Some exquisite dishes from chef Juan Carlos Benito.