El milk claim it is unfair and unnecessary. Some consumers don't realize it. Maybe you don't value it. The truth is that many distribution chains use products claim as promotion. This old strategy is currently affecting many producers very hard. In this case, the one that is already reaching an unsustainable point is the dairy sector. All of this puts this livestock activity at risk, which has been in reconversion for many years, with cost adjustments and profitability improvements and which now it's hit rock bottom.

Spain and Portugal have millions of defenders of the Iberian pig, of a genuine breed linked to the peninsula. In reality, almost every one of its inhabitants could fulfill that statement. With the patrimonial pride that represents having an ancient animal, little evolved. An animal that gives us a unique product of excellent quality, which is part of the healthy Mediterranean diet and which forces us to become its strongest ambassadors and supporters. But are we really protecting it?