Everyone should put a pinch of sweet in their life. Adding a tasty touch from time to time never hurts. And, if it can be a product of national origin, better than better. Therefore, what is sweeter than that well-known food made by bees? Indeed, nothing. Therefore, today you will have the opportunity to know the buzzing honey. Which has been recognized in the international honey contest From london. In other words, it is another of the great Spanish products with great international prestige. You want to know more?

Surely you have ever been bitten by these little insects. And this has led you to think that they are not so necessary in the world. But, the truth is that, thanks to them, your environment is as you know it. So today May 20, the World Bee Day. Do you know all the benefits that they are capable of contributing to your daily diet? Without a doubt, they will surprise you because, even if you believe otherwise, nothing would be the same without their presence. Put a little sweet in your life!

La beekeeping production in Europe - and especially in Spain - it is very widespread. What is perhaps not too widespread - at least not as widespread as it should be considering the properties it contains - is the honey consumption. In fact, Spain is the leading producer of honey in the European Union (14% of total production) and yet the average annual consumption per person is 0 kilos; far lower than other countries. And it goes even further: only 42% of Spaniards take it at least once a week. This had to be remedied, and this has been done. And you will ask yourself: Why take honey? ¿Why is it so important? Keep reading and you will find out!

Have you ever imagined drinking a glass of rum with a certain sweet taste of a highly appreciated product of Spanish gastronomy? Well, in the Canary archipelago they are more than accustomed because there in the island territory a unrepeatable distillate whose traditional recipe combines the spirit drink with the honey bee. Yes, a curious and surprising fusion that results in the Ronmiel from the Canary Islands, a product that even has Protected Geographical Indication because nowhere else in the world can they match a unique amber formula.

In Spain there is a beekeeping culture very wide and interesting to know, so much so that it must be remembered that it is the country with the largest number of beehives. At least, those that are registered in the European Union. The beekeepers nationals work their exploitation with such special care that the final result is a product of high quality. This is the way spanish honey.

La Alcarria honey it is possibly the best known in Spain. The floral variety own of this bioregion Manchega is the one who manages to create the paradise of Winnie the Pooh. In this article we review the characteristics that make this honey so delicious. We will also comment on the success of Nectarius best lavender honey in the world. All this without leaving aside the peligro that bees run today.

Honey is a product known all over the world that we normally associate with the winter season and that helps us make colds and colds more bearable. But honey is also a very special ingredient that is used in the elaboration of many dishes of Spanish gastronomy. Honey can be found in many establishments, but if we want 100% natural honey made in an artisanal way, we will find it only in specialized places and one of those places is The Honey Shop. Located in cocentaina (Alicante) and surrounded by natural landscapes perfect for the collection and elaboration of artisanal honey, they distribute throughout Europe through their store online.

Few drinks can claim to be ancestral and be back in fashion after a long time. Actually, mead is the oldest alcoholic beverage in the world. Currently, it is presented as an alternative product to the world of beer and wine. At a time when there is a great diversity of drinks, this so traditional has and will have an increasingly important presence in our gastronomy. Here we tell you the reasons why you should bet on it like the Vikings in his time.

La digital transformation It also comes to the world of honey. Does it with technology applied to beekeeping using the Pthe Innovative Platform for Bee Care (PICA). It aims to facilitate the care of the hives by the producers so that they gain profitability and improvement of the work. It is thus an interesting tool whose objective is to help the entire community apiarian. Next we will tell you everything about much more in detail.