Gastronomic information is the digital diary of Ambrosia Media Network a company dedicated to digital communication gastronomic, gourmet and food industry. Gastronomic Information is a benchmark in consumer product information. The newspaper has journalists and collaborators who contribute the most current highlights of the agri-food, gastronomic and gourmet sector.

Ambrosia Media Network was founded in 2016 and is led by its founder Santi Llinares Moreno passionate about agriculture, gastronomy and technology. With these three ingredients the now known Gastronomic Information newspaper was created. Its main objective from the beginning is communicate the news and information of the entire sector to the final consumer. As well provide the producer and processor with a channel where to carry out this communication and dissemination  providing a tool to know the product that makes it unique and different.

In Gastronomic Information we work every day so that our reader can have all the information and gastronomic news in a pleasant way. We want all our readers to be more passionate about gastronomy and its products, to know its origin, who is behind its production and all the effort and value behind them.

Reaching everyone ..

Our challenge is to communicate it to all audiences because we are convinced that food, gastronomy and its quality must reach everyone. We want everyone to know them because only what is known can be appreciated and valued. We hope that the information provided allows you to have a better diet and enjoy one of the greatest pleasures in life, gastronomy, in a healthy and sustainable way.

Currently Ambrosía Media Network, in addition to publishing the newspaper Información Gastronómica, has different media for information, communication and promotion of gastronomic products as well as services related to the sector. This way you have the international agri-food tourism platform Catatur, the Influencers Gourmet platform and the FoodXain service based on blockchain technology that allows guaranteeing the origin, traceability and analytics of the product to the final consumer.