Sweets and cakes

We just lived one of the most nights magic of the year and the consequent appearance of the favorite season for many. Therefore, to celebrate this day, June 24, of so much joy, all the tables cannot lack a good coca from San Juan, the delicacy par excellence of this date. It is impossible not to know this elaboration if you are a lover of sweet and, above all, of the heat of this such an appointed day in the Spanish calendar. Do you know his the source and all his curiosities? It is your opportunity to enjoy this traditional recipe, although, you are already late!

In the Madrid gastronomy, the typical sweets are distributed at different times of the year to enjoy them when they fill bakeries and pastry shops. Now in May it is the turn of the donuts from San Isidro, which are usually made by the masters of the confectionery to the delight of their regular customers. Although the imitation of the traditional recipe also sneaks into the houses of Madrid. Whatever, because there are several types of this product linked to the feast of the saint, which lasts from the first of the month until today, May 15. Come to know these heavenly bites of Madrid that already attract the naked eye.

Although they are originally from Japan, the Valencian chain of mass consumption also likes Spanishize some distant preparations or recipes. A good example are Mercadona mochis, which emulate the sweet Japanese with the availability of three flavors different, the last and most recent to have the poster of novelty, of pistachio. If you do not know what exactly those balls are that are in the frozen section, specifically, where the ice creams are located, very attentive. We will explain it to you below because they are an authentic delicacy that you must try.

The smell of flowers, books everywhere the streets flooded with people celebrating and exchanging gifts. This is the day of Sant Jordi -Celebrated in several cities of the country, but especially in the region of Catalonia-. The popular festival mandates that the woman has to give him a book to the man, and this a rose to her. Over the years, this gesture has continued to be celebrated. However, in the end the essence of this long-awaited day on the calendar is to celebrate a day in which the passion for books and love come together. Under that special pretext in Catalan culture, the master pastry chef Jordi Roca has surprised again with a new creation: the edible rose for Sant Jordi de Cocoa House. A special tribute to this deeply rooted festival that unites tradition and haute cuisine.

You probably don't know that the April 20 is the International Day of Cannabis or Marijuana. In Spain, the consumption, possession, or cultivation of marijuana is not considered a crime, as long as it is for your own consumption and is not intended for traffic. Therefore, some people have joined the practice of using it with a fun culinary use to discover new recipes and also enjoy its benefits. Do you want to know what the cannabis in the kitchen?

With Easter near, who doesn't fancy some French toast? There are some who cannot wait and eat them at any time of the year, but the truth is that this typical dessert is linked to the Lent for some centuries now -in some areas of Spain, as we will see later-. Be that as it may, bakeries and supermarkets are already filling up with the specific bread for making this sweet. Over the years, despite being a recipe with a ancient tradition, it has been varying and evolving to achieve new combinations. In the end, the basic ingredients they require prompt the imagination to find New flavors or textures -without losing the essence that defines them-. Therefore, in this article we are going to see some of the most original torrijas and what you can do at home.

El Father's Day It is the ideal occasion to thank yours for everything they have done and what they continue to do for you. And what better option than to give him something that, without a doubt, he will like: delicious gourmet food. For parents who love good food, any of the gourmet gifts for parents that we are going to offer you today you will love it. Although, if your father is not such a fan of food, you can begin to open up a world of gastronomic possibilities that makes him feel a devotion to the culinary world. Do you want to know what gifts we are talking about?

Gourmet gifts to surprise your father

The first option among the gourmet gifts for parents that we offer you is something that you cannot miss: the ham. Now in the store Navidul, Can customize your own gastronomic gift. You can choose between entertaining him with a leg of ham, so that his art of cutting it explodes; or ham already cut, if it is more than going to the table. In them, you can write your personalized message to finish exciting your father with this delicious surprise.

gourmet gifts for parents

Custom Navidul Ham Leg | Source: Navidul.es

The second option that will leave your father stunned is a gourmet product worth giving away on this special day. And it's nothing more and nothing less than one Gourmet Malvasia Foie Basket. In this lot there are three products of Malvasia Duck in a nice case: the Foie de Grass block, the Parfaite de Foie (pasta) and the Mousse de Foie (pasta with truffle).

Also, if your father can't take gluten, is the ideal choice, since this Gourmet Box is part of the Gluten-free Food List published by the Federation of Celiac Associations of Spain and are part of the guarantee brand "Tierra de Sabor".

The third option that we propose is to flatter him with a Trencadís Olive Oil Case with 4 Flavors. This case Sahita Trencadís It is an edition in tribute to contemporary Spanish artists linked to Mediterranean culture, which makes this gift even more special.

The flavors it has are a range of sweet, smooth, balanced and intense oils (Arbequina, Morisca, Picual and Hojiblanca). In addition, as you already know, the oil has multiple options for use in the kitchen. For example, dressing and dressing salads and meats; As an ingredient in sauces, such as mayonnaise and aioli or vinaigrettes; or simply to fry food. Any choice to use it is good if any of the 4 flavors of the Trencadís case are used.

Moving on to drinks, in case you prefer this type of choice, the fourth option that we recommend, if your parent is more of beer, is the Spanish Craft Beer Tasting Pack. We are sure that you will love trying some of the most artisan flavors of our country. In addition, this selection of classic styles from Beer Cerex They are presented in an artisan display case carved with pine wood from Extremadura.

The pack is made up of four beers: Cherry, Iberian acorn, Chestnut and Pilsen, packed in 330 ml bottles. Its main ingredients are water, barley malt, acorn, hops and yeast and you can get it easily and quickly on Amazon.

Finally, the sweet is the best choice if you want to give a great treat at least once a year. The basket of Valeli chocolates and sweets It will greatly sweeten your palate. The basket is made up of Kinder Bueno, Bones Valor, ChocoWafer, Hazelnut, 2 Chocoballs and 8 types Vidal gummies: sponges, clouds, red licorice and strawberry cream, wild strawberries, twist kisses, bananas and coke.

The sweets in that basket, in addition to being incredible, are gluten-free and fat-free. They also come in an attractive gift box with a very creative design for him. St. Joseph's Day.

Choose one of these five great options gourmet gifts for parents for March 19, opting for something exceptional. With an affordable price, you can get these gifts on Amazon through the link that we have put under each alternative or on the website of Navidul.es in the case of ham. What is the one that has convinced you the most?

Spain is also rich in the most pastry gastronomy, the one that when dates such as the Christmas or the Passover they are highlighted in bakeries and supermarkets. The catalog of recipes and irresistible delicacies to sweeten the holidays is very wide but the most authentic sweets of Lent are in Seville. The star destination to live and see how deeply rooted and integrated such a passionate culture is in society. A good Sevillian has a deep feeling for Semana Santa, declared of International Tourist Interest in the capital of Andalusia. You want to know what confectionery stands out there before and during the days of processions?

One of the most characteristic aspects of our country is gastronomy. Some national products are known around the world for their quality, variety and adaptation to a multitude of recipes. One of the Spanish areas with the best culinary quality is Cantabrian, and especially its delicious desserts. The sobao pasiego It is the quintessential sweet of this community. It even has IGP since 2004. Its properties and flavor make it the sweet star of the north of the Peninsula. Would you like to know his the source and all his secrets? ¡Vamos!