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Cereals and legumes

La Gomera It keeps a treasure: a gofio mill from the beginning of the XNUMXth century that does the grinding as it did then. The gofio, central element of Canarian gastronomy, was the food base morning, afternoon and night for a long time due to its high nutritional power. They already ate it aboriginal, of barley. After the conquest the millet appeared (corn) and with it the mixtures.

As the years go by, society realizes that health is one of the most important points in life. For this reason, healthier alternatives to the products of a lifetime are sought. Proof of this is the creation of leggie, A new vegetable meat made from carob. It should be noted that it has been the work of two researchers from the CSIC and that its name comes from the brand that is going to market it. Are you willing to open your diet to this new meat substitute? It is an unbeatable opportunity!

La Valencian gastronomy and, especially, its garden, is characterized by the great variety and quality of its products. Many of them are very popular all over the country and even the continent. One of the most unknown, but with the best features is the chufa. Which was recently claimed as "Superfood". Surely you have already heard of this product before as one of the ingredients that appear in the preparation of the horchata, although, obviously, it is not the main one. Do you want to know the origin and properties of this rich tuber? It's your perfect opportunity to open up your pantry to another superfood.

May is the quintessential month of a green legume that is protected with an elongated sheath of the same color. Grown in the Mediterranean, especially, and in other Spanish regions such as La Rioja, it does not have as much fame or prestige as other foods that the field provides. Rather, the opposite is true of most vegetables. Because the seasonal beans they have fallen into disgrace, into the old oblivion of an archaic consumption, out of fashion, archived in history. However, from here we want claim This great healthy product for you to take advantage of this time of year, buy it and enjoy it in the classic or more innovative recipes.

Although the summer heat is already beginning to heat up, there is a plate of vegetables that always goes well into the stomach. Whether they are freshly cooked, already prepared in a pot or ... in the Mercadona's new lentil cream! With this novelty that is already presented to us as a very healthy food, the Valencian chain wants to add variety to its assortment of this product category. Because their chilled creams They were not born yesterday, but have already been on the shelves for a long time, in that supermarket objective for offering you a recipe fast, healthy and tasty. But, what is special about this proposal of the most nutritious that exists? Attentive!

In 2018, Spain became the European country that more fish consume, ahead of Portugal and Sweden. The Eurobarometer that the Kantar TNS company carries out for the European Commission said that the 92% of Spaniards consume fish or derived products every month. It added that, compared to 36% of the European average, 66% of the Spanish population buys fish products at least once a week. In short, we like fish and they know that in Pescanova, which continues to innovate to continue bringing the sea to the table. In his latest project, together with the chef Angel León, the Galician company has launched the Pasta del Mar; the new way of eating fish.

When someone begins a diet, it seems that cutting out carbohydrates as the first step is the rule to follow. Here is the first myth: by themselves, the carbohydrates are not fattening; as long as - as with all kinds of food - they are ingested properly and without overdoing it. Eating sweets and cookies is not the same as eating a piece of fruit: and both foods contain these properties that we are trying to avoid. In the same way that drinking a soda is not the same as eating a slice of bread. And here we enunciate a second myth: the whole wheat bread will help you lose weight. Is this real? We tend to substitute white bread for this apparently much healthier one, but is whole wheat bread bad?

More and more people are looking for the best products to keep the line. For this reason, many companies are developing new variants that meet this maxim and, in addition, unconditionally respect the environment. Proof of this is the new pea tofu created by the British startup Peafu. It is a product with very good taste and a versatility worthy of admiration. Without forgetting that it is highly recommended for all age groups due to its high content of proteins, vitamins and minerals. Although, at least for the moment, it is not available on the market. Do you want to discover everything about this innovative product?

The world is constantly changing and that evolution is what makes companies survive over time. Regarding the sector gastronomicThis growth is directly related to the search for food that meets a series of requirements. That is to say, in addition to their health, that their ingredients are processed as little as possible, that they have a sustainable character and that they are locally produced, if possible. All these conditions meet Siro Foods Cereal with its new release: a range of organic pasta which is also a pioneer in the Spanish market. Let's find out how this product is different from all the others!

Maintaining the line and concern for health are becoming indispensable premises for the lives of many people. Lifelong foods are giving way to alternatives with more benefits. This is no different with bread. Different varieties of very different origins they are making their way into the market. But you know where to buy Wasa bread? It is a new type of bar from Sweden with very positive nutritional properties. In addition, many of the supermarkets in Spain already offer different options for this same product in their catalogs. Discover your favorite!