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El matt is a traditionally drink Argentina served with water at high temperatures. This in summer means that some fans of this cult drink go to something colder such as i will terer. Do you know this typical product of Paraguay? Do you know what other differences exist between mate and tereré? Have you heard of yerba mate? Now we tell you all this and much more.

What is yerba mate and where does it come from?

La Mate It is the main ingredient in mate and tereré. It is made from dried, crushed leaves of trees Ilex paraguariensis, typical of the regions of Paraná, Argentina and Uruguay. It is one of the most complete infusions, since we could say that it is a food in itself. Contains carotene and vitamins A, C, E, B-1, B-2, and B-compound, that help the body release, take advantage of the energy contained in food, collaborate with muscle function and help to have a healthy body, skin and hair. It also has caffeine and other stimulants.

The Guaranies They were the first to learn about the virtues of yerba mate, but immigrants gave it the commercial push necessary to conquer new markets, calling it "Green gold". Nowadays, yerba is classified according to its cultivation area into yerba de monte (brava) and field (mansa).

When choosing the Mate It is important that you know some characteristics that it should keep. Visually, the leaves must present a clean and even color appearance. This should be from green color, with yellow reflections, which gives us an idea of ​​the dry quality of the yerba. Likewise, it must contain balance in its composition (powder, leaves and sticks) to achieve a uniform product. It must also be clean, without black spots (possible defect due to poor drying), this can transmit a strong and bitter flavor to the yerba.

Mate and tereré

Yerba mate

What is tereré?

El i will terer it is a drink that is being consumed more and more all over the planet. Although, of course, all Latin America leads the ranking. It is refreshing, so in summer it becomes a wonderful alternative to combat the heat among yerba mate lovers. In the same way, its composition is very simple, it only takes yerba, juice and ice.

This delicious drink also has variants such as "juice tereré" or "Russian tereré". Also on December 17, 2020, the Unesco declared Tereré as intangible cultural heritage of humanity, which includes the drink and its preparation methods with medicinal herbs (pojhá ñaná).

Mate and tereré

Differences between mate and tereré | Source: Baraoervamate.com

How are mate and tereré similar and different?

How infusion, both mate and tereré are Stimulants. That is, they are drinks that by nature stimulate our nervous system. Likewise, they keep us active, help fight fatigue and, of course, are likely to be enjoyed in the company of a partner, friends, family or work colleagues.

The differences are also quite obvious. The first, as we have already told you, is the diversity of temperature. Remember that tereré is always colder. Second, they differ in the container used. Mate can be the main container to prepare both drinks. But the ideal thing for the consumption of the tereré is that it is prepared in normal glasses or even in an ox horn.

Finally, the herbs they also become a discrepancy between these two drinks. Although both tereré and mate are made from the same plant, there is a difference between the way it is prepared. The yerba for the mate is ground and consequently it is finer. The tereré, on the other hand, is crushed and for that reason it is thicker.

Mate and tereré

Tereré | Source: Yerbamateromance.com.ar

It is important that you bear in mind that neither of these two infusions should be consumed in excess but, in the appropriate measures, both are an invitation to enjoyment that you cannot miss. And you, what do you prefer the mate or tereré? If you haven't tried them yet… you have to do it now!

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