The world is full of places where you can enjoy gastronomy in a spectacular way. Even in the farthest corners of the planet there is a delicacy worth taking to the mouth. In fact, from the Argentine Patagonia, the Franui. This dessert based on raspberries and chocolate is managing to gain a foothold in the European market and, above all, in the Spanish. And it is that, his combination of flavors and textures it is seducing the most exquisite and less conformist palates. Sure after know this delight you can't wait to try it. Do you want to know how it is?

Nears Passover And, as every year, confectioneries and patisseries throughout Spain prepare to create the best eggs and chocolate animals. And although, the ones that are most often given away or hidden are the rabbits, more and more other types of animals are introduced to make this party the most original possible. If you are a lover of this day, you will surely be familiar with some of the creations that we are going to talk about today. If not, stay to discover the wonders that can be made with just cocoa and chocolate. Ready to surprise you?

Do you know that one never stops surpassing oneself? Well Jordi Roca is the clear example of this. And the thing about the Catalan pastry chef is from another world; designs -because what he creates is design in a pure style- desserts in El Celler de Can Roca, surprises ordinary citizens with its ice creams in Rocambolesc and innovates in the art of chocolate making in Cocoa House. But restless, curious and wanting to continue improving himself as he is, he does not leave things there. On the occasion of Easter Sunday, the chef has created a sculpture that will not leave anyone indifferent. The creation of Jordi Roca is, nothing more and nothing less, than a Chocolate mona lisa.

If there is a delicacy that combines flavor with enjoyment, that is the chocolate and one of its first formats was developed in the form of chocolate. Legend has it that the the source of this exquisite bite dates back to the XNUMXth century, after a king's request Louis XIV to your personal pastry chef. It occurred to him to make some fruits dipped in chocolate. As he tasted them, the monarch exclaimed "Bon bon!" ("Good, good" in Spanish). From then until today, this small piece of sweet is known as chocolate. And since we talk about origins and history, we must talk about Trapa Chocolates, a Palencia company that created that first delicacy in Spain. Let's get to know it!

There are products that disappear from the market and become history without much hype.But a separate case is the Nestlé Jungly chocolate, a mythical tablet hugely popular in the decade of the 90. Its long-standing success ended up not being enough for the Swiss company to keep it up for sale. Now in this 2021 He returns by surprise and has unleashed the ecstasy of his nostalgic lovers. But what were the reasons that he liked so much in his day? We reveal it to you!

Since the end of October, more or less, they began to see each other the best nougat in Mercadona in the different establishments of the Valencian chain. Now in December is the right time to go to buy some christmas star candy and of which, every time, there is a greater variety. The main manufacturing brands of the nougat en Spain -What Antiu Xixona- innovate with new ingredients that provide groundbreaking flavors. Because there are delights beyond chocolate and the almond so traditional. But precisely because of these wide alternatives that are open to us, between known options or news of the year, finding the best tablets is not easy. So, what are those most interesting to treat ourselves gourmet on Christmas dates? Discover it here!

The maximum of Natruly sugar free chocolate could be mens sana in corpore sano. Now you can welcome the delicious taste of this food leaving behind all the ingredients that hurt you. A nutritionist and economist who are experts in E-commerce reap another success after their vegan proteins. Find out below what makes this chocolate product so exceptional.

Few consumers of this sweet delicacy really know what is behind such a delicious and appreciated gastronomic product. The cocoa production As the main raw material, it is being made, even today, in terms subhuman. we talk about chocolate in africaSince the largest quantities in the world come from this continent. For years, attempts have been made to improve this aspect but the efforts are not enough and the situation worsens. We tell you how this problem is and what actions are being taken to try to correct them.

If we give you an ounce of pink chocolate it is very likely that you think that you are going to eat a dirty thing. Surely foods full of chemical colorants y sugar like cloud ice cream. Nothing is further from reality. The color of the ruby pink chocolate It does not come from any addition, but from the method of production. And now the chocolate is no longer only with milk, black or white. One more color is added that will not leave anyone indifferent. Discover the invention that will transform this product.

Un disruptive and interesting format novel to eat nougat you are next Christmas is the idea that the Toledo brand has had with its Delaviuda sticks chocolate praline. This is the protagonist of four different options of 'sticks' that they include in their filling hazelnut, cocoa, almonds or caramel. Ideal boxes to share a traditional Christmas product with the family, but now, anytime, anywhere. Because this is one of the differential advantages of the nougat launched by the confectionery. It does so along with other novelties such as Panettone or assortment of Candys. Find out more below.