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Cocoa, sugars and desserts

Surely you are one of those people who, when you have a good meal in a restaurant, take a look at the paper first. And, especially to desserts. Well, they are the final and indispensable part of a great summer celebration. So, surely you have already managed to taste a good rice pudding. In fact, many consider this dish to be the king of the menus of the day. Highlighting among all its characteristics the aroma, flavor and texture. Do you want to know what your the source and some forms of work it out?

Everyone should put a pinch of sweet in their life. Adding a tasty touch from time to time never hurts. And, if it can be a product of national origin, better than better. Therefore, what is sweeter than that well-known food made by bees? Indeed, nothing. Therefore, today you will have the opportunity to know the buzzing honey. Which has been recognized in the international honey contest From london. In other words, it is another of the great Spanish products with great international prestige. You want to know more?

La Nutella It is one of the most delicious sweet products in our country. On toast, on sandwiches, accompanying fruit, any shape is perfect to enjoy it. However, the brand is not satisfied with its success and wants to go even further. For this reason, it has ventured to launch the Spanish market Nutella Biscuits, some cookies with a creamy Nutella heart. Do you want to know more about them? Delight your palate!

We just lived one of the most nights magic of the year and the consequent appearance of the favorite season for many. Therefore, to celebrate this day, June 24, of so much joy, all the tables cannot lack a good coca from San Juan, the delicacy par excellence of this date. It is impossible not to know this elaboration if you are a lover of sweet and, above all, of the heat of this such an appointed day in the Spanish calendar. Do you know his the source and all his curiosities? It is your opportunity to enjoy this traditional recipe, although, you are already late!

With the arrival of summer, without a doubt, what you most want is a good frozen. To this day, the flavors are endless. On the one hand we have the more traditional: chocolate, strawberry, mint, pistachio ... and on the other, some of the most curious and rare: foie gras, stew, and even of Locust (yeah, how you read it) But this is a very innovative market - it is in sight - and new ideas emerge every day. So how would you stay if we told you that Donuts, the brand of those donuts that have accompanied us generation after generation, launches its own ice cream? That's right, this summer you can enjoy the donut ice cream In the format you like the most: you have it in a tub or on a stick. 

All experts agree that the breakfast it is the most important meal of the day. For this, there are products of all kinds and with immense quality. But, if you think about the most famous brands, the first thing that will come to mind are the Fontaneda cookies. Without a doubt, they are a food that has been appearing on all Spanish tables since time immemorial. In fact, this company was born 140 years ago. But, in addition to these cookies, the brand continues to innovate. Proof of this is the creation of your new selection range. Choose the best products to start the day!

Like every summer, the Valencian supermarket par excellence in our country tries to surprise those it calls its "bosses" and this 2021 was not going to be less. Therefore, in their freezers you can already find some new Mercadona ice creams that are presented in two varieties. In any case, the proposal is very attractive, since each of the cones hides succulent bits of an ingredient inside. Thus, your refreshing experience on the palate is also accompanied by crunchy tiny bites for a superlative flavor of the product. Below we give you more details of these news.

Chocolates, sweets, cereals, ice cream, coffee… All these little pleasures of the brand's life Nestlé they attract millions of people around the world every day. With a controlled consumption and following a balanced diet, eating these products should not pose any problem to our body. Although the medium Financial Times has reported an internal document in which the company admits something that shouldn't surprise you either. Do you consider the company Healthy nestle? After reading our article we will see if you change your mind or not.

Continue on gastronomic congress Madrid Fusion And in this second article, after the one we published yesterday, we want to talk to you about some of the novelties that are presented to bring you closer to the most avant-garde gastronomy. Today we have to describe two fascinating products that are curious and promise a lot: the redi and the about. Do these names sound familiar to you? Surely not because surprising proposals always appear at this great event.

Maybe more than once you have been to a summer party mixing a delicious and refreshing frozen with some alcohol. This action is typical of music festivals, large events and concerts especially. But what if we told you that now you can have both in one product at any time in your life? The KR Drinks alcoholic ice creams They have come to surprise us and to stay and we present them to you.