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Barcelona, ​​the Spanish city that is most interested in...

According to an analysis carried out, Barcelona is the city in Spain in which vegan food generates the most interest.

The first Catalan whiskey will go on sale in 2024

The first Catalan whiskey will go on sale in 2024 When someone talks about whiskey, the first thing that comes to mind is...

Edible mushrooms throughout the year in Catalonia

The mushroom industry in Catalonia has innovated in the production of mushrooms. They have marked a new milestone by diversifying the variety of...

Coca de San Juan, the best welcome to summer

The arrival of summer cannot be understood without coca from San Juan. In addition to its flavor, it has some curiosities that will undoubtedly surprise you.

Celler Rialla, quality, innovation and solidarity

Bodega Celler Rialla produces a very special solidarity wine and uses blockchain technology with the FoodXain service. Discover it!

Bodega Pardas, new signing of Corpinnat

The quality sparkling brand has added one more member. This is Celler Pardas, a winery that will make its debut in the cava sector.

Gastronomy of Barcelona, ​​the taste of Mediterranean cuisine

Barcelona is full of culinary culture: meat, fish, desserts, tapas... Barcelona's gastronomy is a reflection of the Mediterranean.

Cabracho, the fish of many names

The scorpionfish is a white fish that is fished all over the country. Its peculiar shape and color give it a more characteristic touch. Find out!

Pink beer, drink Sant Jordi!

Moritz's new pink beer arrives to sweeten Sant Jordi's day. Its smoothness and flavor will give a unique touch to this holiday. Discover it!

Hazelnut from Reus, always a leader

Hazelnut from Reus is characterized by its health benefits. Its PDO confirms its quality and explains its international expansion. Discover it!