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After dinner: sustainability as a value with Ángel Pérez

Discover how Ángel Pérez merges sustainable commitment and gastronomic excellence in his El Pòsit restaurant group.

After dinner: Carlos Yenes talks about managing his...

Discover the benefits and problems of being the owner of a bar in the heart of Madrid from Carlos Yenes.

After dinner: Francesc Nicolás, founder and producer of the wines...

We interviewed Francesc Nicolás, founder of Ruuuts, a company dedicated to the production of sustainable wines.

After dinner: Alejandra Ormeño and Nikkei food

We interviewed Alejandra Ormeño, chef at Restaurante Ají, specialized in Nikkei cuisine, which fuses Peruvian and Japanese cuisine.

Energy drinks: A double-edged sword

Energy drinks have gained popularity as a quick remedy for fatigue and lack of energy, but do you know their risks?

After dinner: empathy in gastronomy with Luis Vicente

Luis Vicente, chef and founder of the El Escondite bar, shares with us the most empathetic and social version of gastronomy.

After dinner: Eulàlia Lora and the Teterum project

Eulàlia, owner and director of Teterum, tells us some curiosities about the foundation and operation of this project.

After dinner: Àlex Vidal and sustainability in his restaurant.

In Gastronomic Information we launch a new section called "En la messa", where we will have the pleasure of interviewing people linked to the world of...

Food Trucks: Exploring the taste of street food

In recent decades, food trucks have revolutionized the gastronomic scene, perhaps in some countries more than others, bringing street food...

The benefits of cooking with children

Learn how cooking with the little ones at home can have a significant impact on their cognitive, emotional and social development.