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Celler Rialla, quality, innovation and solidarity

Wines with body and soul. This is the motto of the Celler Rialla (smile in Catalan), a young winery from the DO Terra Alta that, in addition to making good wines, makes us more supportive of those who consume it. And it is that more and more consumers demand from all producers and processors, in addition to quality, other values ​​such as sustainability, respect for the environment and solidarity. Values ​​difficult to defend if the manufacturing company does not believe them and they are not part of its DNA. It is not the case of this family that has bet, without hesitation, to make a solidarity wine to help the La Nineta dels Ulls Foundation.

The solidarity wine

With this objective in mind, they have produced a rosé wine that, in addition to allowing you to enjoy a great wine, fills your soul. All this by being able to contribute to our society in solidarity with this project. This rosé wine has been made with Hairy Garnacha 100% and is very present in this DO This variety produces wines fresh, fruity and elegant. A wine with a very versatile pairing that can accompany us with meat, fish and rice dishes.

Celler Rialla: Photo Celler Rialla
Celler Rialla: Photo Celler Rialla

The solidarity wine Rialla you can now buy online to participate with the project the Nineta dels Ulls. An act that helps this foundation in the investigation of the retinoblastoma. This eye cancer occurs mainly in boys and girls under the age of three and can affect one or both eyes. The foundation, in addition to research, also supports the families of children affected by this disease during treatment.

In less developed countries this disease causes the death of many children who suffer from it and early diagnosis is very important. The objective of this foundation is to improve the detection, treatment and quality of life of all those who suffer from retinoblastoma. Celler Rialla contributes a part of its benefits from the solidarity wine to the foundation. The winery, which uses the innovative system FoodXain, with technology blockchain, allows you to show the consumer with total transparency and security the collaboration agreement with the foundation, validated safely by it. Also your certificates of the Denomination of Origin Terra Alta.

QR-FoodXain label: Photo Celler Rialla
QR-FoodXain label / Photo: Celler Rialla

In addition, FoodXain allows you to get more information about the winery, all its wines and the solidarity project. You also have access to the winery's online store, facilitating the purchase as well as the activities of wine tourism that is done. You can view all of this simply by accessing the unit’s QR code printed on the wine labels of Celler Rialla.

The winery

Celler Rialla is a young winery created in 2016 by Susanna and Roger (brothers) and their cousin Sergi, belonging to the Designation of Origin Terra Alta (Tarragona- Spain). The three partners work 80 Ha of vineyards of Ecological cultivation, they are passionate about wine and viticulture in general. The winery produces red, rosé and white wines of the Garnacha Blanca, Garnacha Tintorera, Garnacha Tinta and Garnacha Peluda varieties.

The Denomination of Origin Terra Alta is distinguished by the use of autochthonous varieties, where white and red Grenache are predominant. The soils are clay-calcareous poor in organic matter, with cold winters, low rainfall and high insolation. All this contributes a very marked character to their wines. Also the winds that converge in the area, the wind from the interior of the peninsula and the garbí from the coastal area have their influence on their wines. We find that they are full-bodied, mineral and with a highly integrated acidity.

Members of Celler Rialla: Photo Celler Rialla
Members of Celler Rialla: Photo Celler Rialla

In the winery, in addition, different activities of wine tourism to bring the consumer closer to the culture of wine. Outstanding among them is that of a wine «Al Meu Gust », where you will be the creator of your own wine with the varieties that you like the most of the DO

All of this makes Celler Rialla a reference to follow and a winery to take into account in this Catalan DO. It is, not only because of the quality of its wines, because of its passion and good work in its vineyards, but also because of knowing how to harmonize it with human values that make all their wines bigger in soul.