El tree of veganism

veganism It is a lifestyle that has set trends in recent years. It's based on avoid consuming any product derived from animals; including insects, birds or fish. Unlike vegetarians, vegans do not consume foods such as honey, milk, or eggs. They also do not use products made from fur, leather, wool or silk. Any material or food that implies animal abuse is out of the habit of these people. It is a lifestyle that is based on respect for the life of animals and healthy eating.

Barcelona, ​​veganism and food plant based

People are increasingly concerned about having a healthy diet and living. The diet plant based consists of consuming products of vegetable origin, that is, people who follow this type of diet take care that the food they buy comes from vegetable sources. An analysis by Vegans & Plants has determined that Catalonia is the autonomous community in which this type of food generates the most interest. For every 10.000 inhabitants, it is estimated that there are 56,11 monthly searches for food plant-based, which represents 12,93% of the searches carried out in our country related to veganism. In addition, the conclusion is also drawn that Barcelona is by far the Spanish city that is most interested in lazy food. On the other hand, the cities that are least interested in concepts related to the plant based They are Fuenlabrada, Alcorcón, Leganés, Móstoles and Alcalá de Henares with less than 1% of the total searches.

The best vegan restaurants in Barcelona

It is no coincidence that in Barcelona you can find some of the best vegan restaurants. This type of restaurant has been the one that has grown the most due to the interest of Barcelonans in veganism. Among them is BioCenter, which is one of the oldest vegan restaurants Barcelona. Green spot, a vegetarian in which you will find lots of vegan options. O Veggie Garden, summer restaurant 100%. So if you are from Barcelona, ​​vegetarian, vegan or just want to try something new, these restaurants they may surprise you.