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Gastronomy of Barcelona, ​​the taste of Mediterranean cuisine

The Spanish geography is rich, wherever you go, in gastronomy. It does not matter if you are in the north or the south; in the east or in the west. The offer is so wide that the culinary experience is exquisite anywhere. Perhaps that is one of the reasons why our cuisine is known worldwide. One of the most prominent places is the Barcelona. Barcelona is synonymous with gastronomic culture. It is tradition in the kitchen, it is avant-garde in techniques. Barcelona is the cradle of great chefs recognized all over the world. You can find mountain, you can find fish; you can find some of the most recognized national desserts. Let's get to know the gastronomy of Barcelona!

The classics of Barcelona gastronomy

As we have already said, Barcelona in particular -and Catalonia in general-, it has a long culinary history which, to this day, is one of the jewels of the city. In the end, although the avant-garde is very present, the tradition weighs a lot and in all places you can find the dishes of the basic cookbook from Barcelona. Without going any further, one of the simplest elaborations, but with greater popularity not only in the city but throughout the country, is the tumaca bread. -Pa Amb Tomàquet in Catalan-. In that line of plate in the form of a tapa or an aperitif, it is imperative to mention the scaly. It is a salad of roasted peppers, aubergines, onion ... sometimes also with roasted tomato, or even anchovies.

gastronomy of Barcelona
Calçots with romesco sauce, a classic of Barcelona's gastronomy

If there is something typical of the gastronomy of Barcelona, ​​it is the calçots with romesco sauce. They are eaten mainly during the cold months; the calçots They are a variety of spring onions that are mainly cooked on the grill. On the other hand, the romesco sauce -a Catalan classic-, it is made with tomato, pepper, garlic, almonds, bread and extra virgin olive oil. In fact, there is the calçotada, which is a popular festival in which this dish is eaten. 

In Spain we have Madrid stew, Extremadura, Lebaniego ... and escudella i carn d'olla in the case of Catalonia. Perhaps the most characteristic ingredients of this Catalan stew are the you pilot -a kind of meatballs-, the pebble -which are pasta shells- and black and white sausages that are presented in slices. If, on the other hand, you prefer some fish, you have the Suquet de peix. It is, as its name suggests, a fish stew accompanied, sometimes, with potatoes.

And we cannot forget, of course, one of the most typical desserts not only locally, but also nationally. It's about the Catalan cream -also known as burnt cream-. It is made with egg yolk, sugar, cornstarch, milk, cinnamon and lemon or orange peel to taste. To finish it, white sugar is sprinkled on top and burned with a blowtorch, giving it a unique flavor. In addition, traditionally, it is served in clay pots, since in this way it is kept warm.

gastronomy of Barcelona
Catalan cream

Barcelona's Michelin stars

As we said at the beginning, Barcelona is the cradle of some of the most renowned restaurants on the international scene. Without going any further, the ABaC, restaurant of the Barcelona chef, jordi cruz. According to him, the menu of his restaurant is composed of 50% tradition, 50% avant-garde and 100% quality product. OR Enjoy, which is the establishment run by chefs Oriol Castro, Eduard Xatruch and Mateu Casañas. "A cuisine with a clearly avant-garde style and where the dishes stand out for their great personality, markedly Mediterranean", they say.

But if there is something that has the gastronomy of Barcelona is that it can be found in all kinds of bars and restaurants throughout the city. Many of them have been open for so long that, in themselves, they are part of Barcelona's history and culture. If that is what you want savor the mediterranean cuisine, places like Pep's Passadís they are the perfect place for it. Seafood casseroles, rice sautéed with sessions and “All i oli”Without mixing or the Catalan cream with Friesians are just some of the dishes in this establishment. 

gastronomy of Barcelona
Jordi Cruz at ABaC, his restaurant with 3 Michelin stars | Source: abacbarcelona.com

La gastronomy of Barcelona it is full of tradition, diversity and avant-garde. The city is full of corners where you can taste the Mediterranean flavor that characterizes the Barcelona and Catalan cuisine. And you, what dish do you prefer?