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Casa Cacao: the importance of origins

The Roca family offers a different experience at Casa Cacao, a hotel-chocolate shop where they merge their own roots with those of the best product.

El Bandarra vermouth, now in "small jars"

The renowned Catalan vermouth brand El Bandarra launches its amazing creation: a miniature, varied proposal with a very curious format.

Vinux, the app that brings young people closer to the wine sector

With the free Vinux app you will solve all your doubts about the wine world, you will discover incredible tricks and you will be able to visit wineries without leaving home.

Vilajuiga water, the story of a long journey

Vilajuiga water has a very particular history. In addition, it has many culinary uses, as well as numerous nutritional properties. Discover it!

Oliba Green Beer, passionate green fusion!

A lover of the countryside combines two popular products in the artisan Oliba Green Beer to obtain a drink that breaks the schemes. Get to know it!

Snow peas, the fashionable vintage legume

They are elongated pods of bright green color similar to peas of a small size but with a peculiar flavor. Discover snow peas here

Salchichón de Vic, a spicy Catalan king

With IGP, this sausage from the Osona region (Barcelona) has specific features that differentiate it from others. Discover Vic's salchichón!

The Vall Llach winery suffers with Filomena

The emblematic Vall Llach winery of the Catalan singer-songwriter Lluís Llach is partially sinking due to the snowstorm that has affected Tarragona.

Girella: a unique and unusual sausage

Girella is a typical product in Catalonia and other nearby regions. Discover this relative of the Scottish haggis that boasts a Guinness record.
Balfegó bluefin tuna

Balfegó red tuna and its delicatessen range

The company specializing in this fish already offers a new line with some prepared Balfegó bluefin tuna dishes. Find out what they are here.