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Differences between sparkling wines, choose well!

In this article we clarify the differences between sparkling wines such as Champagne, Prosecco and Cava, the three most important.

Nougat Vicens, original and a solidarity special

Among its artisan products, the family from Agramunt (Lleida) offers Vicens nougats with particular and distinctive flavours. As much as a single.

Tupí cheese, a particular of remains and liquor

Made in Catalonia, this delicacy has a very curious and surprising origin as a harvested product. Discover Tupí cheese here.

Pink Lady nougat, pink apple work

This Christmas, the sweetest and most gourmet offer is joined by the new creation of the Barcelona master pastry chef Christian Escribá: the Pink Lady nougat.

Bad year also for calçotades

The season of calçots that begins already runs the risk of being one of the worst in decades. It will affect producers and restaurants that offer calçotadas.

Castell del Remei recovers a historic vermouth

The oldest aging cellar in Catalonia, Castell del Remei, launches a classic drink that returns to a recipe from the twenties. Find out how it is here.

Monkey anise: evolutionary and peculiar identity

Anís del mono turns 150 years old! Today we reveal to you the secrets that forge its identity. Do you know its origin? What does Charles Darwin have to do with it?

Take the leftover food from the restaurant

A new regulation comes into force this Wednesday in Catalonia to curb food waste. Take the food that is left over from the restaurant, forced

Cheap and expensive supermarkets around the OCU

In a recent annual study by the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU), the cheapest and most expensive supermarkets in Spain are identified.

Mushroom season: forecast and 'hunters'

With the debate going on every year about mushroom pickers, this mushroom season could be delayed by the summer heat. We tell you all the previous.