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There is nothing better than a good and refreshing drink to combat the high temperatures that lurk. Enjoying the wonderful days that summer brings with a glass in hand is one of the greatest pleasures of the life. For this reason, many companies are betting on the creation of new products. Proof of this is Spring cider from the well-known The Piper Group. It is a cider fresh and surprising that, without a doubt, will captivate your palate. Do you want to know the most secret aspects of this drink? It will be able to surprise you both for its flavor and for its presentation and varieties.

From 1866, the gin more mediterranean that exist in the world has managed to transfer to its distillate the essence of a Spanish region that is very present in all gastronomy. Now, to the catalog of varieties and new flavors that the firm with origin in Málaga joins Provencal Larios, with herbal essences. A unique touch that is served from the most indigenous herbs to offer a drink with a lot of personality, attractive with its green color and tasty to taste. Here are more details about the ingredients of this alcoholic innovation.

Maybe more than once you have been to a summer party mixing a delicious and refreshing frozen with some alcohol. This action is typical of music festivals, large events and concerts especially. But what if we told you that now you can have both in one product at any time in your life? The KR Drinks alcoholic ice creams They have come to surprise us and to stay and we present them to you.

If there is any product that characterizes the Semana Santa in the culinary world, those are the French toast. We already told you that, despite being a traditional and centuries-old dessert, the restless in the kitchen cannot avoid preparing more versions modern of the same. So much so that the world of confectionery and that of the liqueurs they have come together to give the concept of candy one more twist. This is how the El Viso del Alcor distillery (Seville), called Andalusí Beverages, has launched its innovative product: the French toast cream. Do you want to find out more about her? Go for it!

Today, in a world in which there are hundreds of varieties of each product, the trick and intention is in knowing choose the one with a different touch. In the end, the world of gastronomy and food has the power to transport you to all parts of the world without having to leave the site. In that sense, the distributor Singular Drinks Company takes the cake. Both in hairsalon as in flavors, the uniqueness - as its own name indicates - is assured. Now just submit two new additions. Do you want to know them? Be amazed! 

Both bars and restaurants and ourselves have suffered the consequences of the pandemic by Covid-19. We have all had to modify our schedule and look for alternatives to offer or consume products. One of the great innovations that have facilitated this adaptation to the new reality is that of the low-alcohol drinks. A proposal initiated by the group Pernod Ricard. It implies a clear commitment to respond to the new needs of the consumer and the market. How about? Would you like to enjoy spirits with a lower alcohol content? Attentive!

Have you ever imagined drinking a glass of rum with a certain sweet taste of a highly appreciated product of Spanish gastronomy? Well, in the Canary archipelago they are more than accustomed because there in the island territory a unrepeatable distillate whose traditional recipe combines the spirit drink with the honey bee. Yes, a curious and surprising fusion that results in the Ronmiel from the Canary Islands, a product that even has Protected Geographical Indication because nowhere else in the world can they match a unique amber formula.

The market surprises us again with a new merger. This time literature and drink come together to create the perfect gin and tonic. A cocktail 100% 'made in Spain' that does not leave you indifferent for its striking color, characteristic packaging and, of course, its explosion of flavor. Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, a risky proposal that shows that in the world of this drink it wasn't all made up.

Today we present you a Geneva very particular, of those differential alcoholic beverages both in value and in appearance. From the selection of raw materials to the final bottle, Gynevia It is a natural, attractive and exquisite product, with the Spanish stamp of its birth in a place in the province of Granada (Andalusia). Next we tell you why this gin Premium is a pioneer in the market and what are the characteristics that link it with the Nature.