Gin 25Lolita's to avoid hangovers

La 25Lolita's gin de low graduation it can become your faithful companion. At least if you are tired of hangovers after a night of drinking with friends. In this article you will discover what makes this novelty from the manufacturer of Nordés, the most famous Galician gin. In addition to its origin and the curious origin of its name. Why do they call their land "Little Scotland"? Dare to taste it.

From Nordés to Gin 25Lolita's

Possibly the name sounds familiar to you Nordés. Surely you have seen it in a supermarket even if it does not come to mind now. The point is that Galician Original drinks, its manufacturer, has decided that it was time to diversify. He has decided to undertake another project after the successes of this acclaimed gin and Nordesia vermouth. It is a somewhat different drink. This one, designed for the most gourmet palates, has only one 25% alcohol. A quite reduced figure if we compare it with the 40 degrees of Nordés.

25Lolita's gin bottle

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As if his graduaciónWe can also review other aspects. First of all, it comes from cereals from an area of ​​Galicia known as La "Little scotland". On microclimate, very similar to the cradle of whiskey, results in grains of excellent quality. To make matters worse, the water used for distillation is not just any. It stands out for its purity, since it comes directly from the subsoil. An underground framework of three hundred meters of passable galleries facilitates your exit from the "Water mine".

Thus, the raw materials from which it is prepared are of the highest quality. In addition to his respect for tradition, he is also committed to the future. In this way, we find a product related to the premises of the circular economy. Not only are the ingredients respectful of the environment, but so are the container and outer packaging. That is why these are manufactured with fully recycled materials y recyclable.

Young people sharing gin

Young people sharing gin / Source: @Nordesgin

But why Lolita?

It is not a tribute to the Lolita of Vladimir Nabokov. The name is that of the Grandma of the beverage distiller, Pepe albela. This was the owner in its time of the farm "La Ramallosa". It is the place of origin of the cereals used for its elaboration, in addition to the mine water. Therefore, it is a tribute to the traditional but at the same time nonconformist spirit of women. As she knew how to make, this drink adapts to the times.

Gin 25Lolita's It comes at a time when many people cannot stop their lives to have a drink. This continues and therefore they must be prepared for the daily challenges. That is why the brand defines the gin and tonic from this gin as "Smart, unexpected y responsable". This distillate is the one that grandmother would have made today. Its success is not entirely clear yet, as it has just come out. However, if it succeeds, we shouldn't be surprised to see other brands launching their own lower-grade versions. 

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Other lesser known products of the brand

Galician Original Drinks has also given birth to other little known but very original drinks. One of them is Doctor Zas, liquor made from Padrón peppers and thought to drink to shots. The funny thing about these is that each and every one itches. Cost 10 euros the 0 liter bottle. Another very curious drink is Black Burla Rum. Has an aftertaste salty . This is based on the pirate custom of filling barrels with rum where salt water was previously kept. they cost 26'95 euros the 0 liters.

Going back to 25Lolita's, the 0 liter bottle costs 19'90 euros in the Galician Original Drinks store. This price contrasts with the 24'75 euros Nordés on the group's website Osborne. The 25Lolita's gin it is clearly cheaper although not as much as Larios, whose liter is around 11 ó 12 euros. It is clear that if what you are looking for is to catch a good cock, this may not be your gin. If, on the other hand, you prefer to savor a good cocktail without spending the next morning on the couch; this can be your ally.

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