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Charles of England, son of Queen Elizabeth II, has shown a vocation for nature for years and the defense of the environment has become one of the causes in which he is most involved. A proof of this is its own bottle, the prince charles gin, Which is organic and produces it with herbs harvested from his Highgrove garden. A new distillate related to royalty that they define as “classic, but with a wild element”. Do you want to know how it is made? We tell you

For those more daring palates or for those brave consumers who want to try unique products, there was the most powerful gin in the world. His alcohol content was an exorbitant figure of 77 %. Well, now it has been overtaken by another drink that reaches a much higher percentage: the Anno Spirits Extreme 95. This last number reveals the alcoholic content of which it is served to unseat the previous gin, which was already very strong. The English distillery that has created and launched it already on the market has had a hard work in its development. We will tell you more below.

DYC Whiskey surprises us with his new tribute to the oak. DYC Double Oak It does not stand out for its quality but also for its environmental commitment. It is probably the only whiskey immersed in a reforestation project of one of the most iconic trees in the north of the peninsula. Discover the side ecologist unknown of the brand that comes to mind when you think of such an iconic Spanish drink.

raki (o Brandy) is a drink resulting from the uses of grapes that are unknown outside the Balkans. In Spain, a country known for its wine production and its diversity of grapes, this kind of wine is not popular. brandy. We are going to see how a product is so ingrained that it is even attributed healing properties. If you are planning a trip to these countries, stay with what we are going to tell you next. Will you have time to try all its variants?

¡Monkey anise meets 150 years.! It celebrates it at a fair in El Puerto de Santa María (Cádiz) hand in hand Osborne Foundation. It will be open until January. Taking advantage of its anniversary we want to present this drink with all its curiosities. Surely you have never stopped to read the label or have you observed the monkey's face. What makes your bottle a perfect instrument for singing Christmas carols? Next we will review this popular brand leader of its category in Spain and inserted in the collective imagination of all.

The Cook Pablo González-Conejero, winner of two Michelin stars, has made a commitment to the Zamora Company group, owner of 43 liquor, to transform the old Chamber of Commerce of Cartagena (Murcia) into a gastronomic space. The distillate will have a prominent place in the culinary complex, presiding over a coffee interpretation center. There we will find a workshop to learn how to combine this drink. But what is Licor 43 and what are its ingredients? We tell you everything!

Did you know the best brandy in the world it is Spanish? Sherry Cask de Supreme Founder It is known for its aging and maturation process. Cooperage tradition and innovation come together in one of the most famous wine areas in the world. Know here the three varieties that have led the winery to worldwide recognition, as well as the reasons for being so prestigious and excellent.

It has already reached the market of alcoholic drinks an alternative that meets the demand of these consumers Healthierlovers of everything fitnessWithout giving up drinking alcohol, Felina Drink It meets some characteristics that make it a much healthier and more avant-garde product. At least, if it is compared with the rest of existing distillates, it is clear that it is something different. Aimed at the public that takes care of itself but does not stop having fun with friends when it comes to drinking at parties. It's neither beer nor vodka, we talk about another type of refreshing option. You want to know more? Go!