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What did the pirate rum? You can try to imagine it or you can try Black taunt. Manufacturers Nordés They don't plan to stop surprising you. In this article you will discover very curious things such as the origin of the name of this rum. In addition to the three hundred bottles they made scuba diving in a Galician estuary. Was the rum they drank on the ships salty? Do not miss it.

Legend has it that the tequila originated during a thunderstorm. That lightning struck a field of agaves - the plant from which tequila comes - causing a fire. As a result of the heat of the fire, the agave balls began to give off a kind of sweet tasting honey and striking aroma, which attracted the curiosity of the natives. It was the latter who discovered that, if fermented, this honey could have very interesting effects. In fact, it is said that they came to believe that it was a gift from the gods. And that's exactly what Tequila La Dama intends to remember and transmit with your product.

La 25Lolita's gin de low graduation it can become your faithful companion. At least if you are tired of hangovers after a night of drinking with friends. In this article you will discover what makes this novelty from the manufacturer of Nordés, the most famous Galician gin. In addition to its origin and the curious origin of its name. Why do they call their land "Little Scotland"? Dare to taste it.

There is Galician pina colada. The spirit tradition of this community is impregnated in it thanks to its ingredients. Do you want to discover what is unique about it and how does it differ from the original? You will also review the history of the creation of the piña colada. Know the different versions of its origin. Take a notebook and a pen because you are going to learn to reinvent one of the most anticipated classics of each summer.

The most traditional festivals in the country are those that have been most affected by the health crisis that has been going on for a year. For example, what is rarer than a San Juans night without their bonfires? Surely you do not know the answer, possibly there is not. However, there are celebrations that can be kept in homes. In the case of the northern part of the peninsula, the Galician queimada. A drink capable of delighting all visitors, especially the ritual around you. Are you ready to give your drink more mystical?

Port of the Indies is one of the preferred gin brands in Spain par excellence, in addition to being a pioneer in the category of Pink gin. Despite this, the company wants to continue making history with a new launch, the blackberry gin. A variety of the traditional and delicious drink with a very curious and interesting history. Do you want to meet her and know more about this new product? Stay with us to find out.

There is nothing left for the start of the great football event of the summer, the Eurocup. Although it is possible that the convocation of the Spanish selection has left you something cold, what is clear is that you will be able to enjoy the King sport in the company of your best friends. Therefore, the best for this is a good drink and, especially, of the best summer cocktails. Next, you will be able to know some of the most reputable products of all the participating countries. So you can choose your favorite and, above all, enjoy it in your own house!