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Red fruits: the ally of the night

The fruit is the quintessential dessert of our gastronomy. We consume it morning, noon and night. But we must be careful with what we eat before bed. Nutritionists recommend the consumption of berries at night. We tell you all the details throughout this article.


eat fruit at night

Fruit at night is as healthy as eating it at any time. But it's more convenient take certain measures to take advantage of all the nutrients it provides us. Not all fruits are good before going to sleep. Nutritionists recommend the consumption of pieces with low glycemic levels, such as berries.

As for our digestive system, it is convenient to eat the fruit a couple of hours before we go to sleep, since it can make us spend a very heavy night. If we go to bed without doing any type of sport, the body does not have time to consume the calories ingested. These turn into sugars, which tend to turn into fats. That's why you have to bet on low sugar fruits.

Variety of red fruits. / Source: The Courier

Red fruits are a good ally

The berries, also called forest fruits, are small fruits or berries grown on small bushes in the wild. Within this world we find different varieties, among which are blackberries, currants, raspberries or blueberries. This type of food is considered a treasure of our gastronomy, because its multiple properties and possibilities.

These fruits are above all very beneficial for our heart. The polyphenols present in this food contribute to reduce cardiovascular disease thanks to its anti-inflammatory effects. They also contain prebiotic effects and their antioxidants help neutralize the negative effects of free radicals.

Its level of calories and its large amount of water make berries in an ally for remove liquids and regulate blood glucose level. It is a food ally of our body, whose benefits are more noticeable at night. Now that you know, are you going to eat more of this type of fruit?