Absinthe, the power of high graduation

There are tens, even thousands, of alcoholic drinks. In fact, almost everyone has ever tried some type of them. But, as in everything, there are some stronger than others. As well as certain with more graduation. And, one of the best known for this and for the mysticism that surrounds it is the absinthe. It has even become forbidden in certain areas. Although, the truth is that it is not as dangerous as some consider. It is only a distillate with a very high graduation and a ritual service more than interesting. Do you want to know everything about the green fairy or devil?

Origin of absinthe

The legend of this drink starts from the fact that it was invented, in 1792, by a French doctor. Whose name was Pierre Ordinaire. But its commercialization came from the hands of the nuns of the Couvet convent. Although, at first it was sold as a medicinal potion to treat fever or stomach problems. In this way he had a great popularity boom among the French soldiers. Said this, the first absinthe distillery opened in 1797. Thanks to Major Dubied eating the recipe from the aforementioned nuns.

Shortly after, and thanks to his incredible acceptance, he opened the second distillery. And, it became the reference mark. For all this, by the middle of the XNUMXth century, absinthe was already marketed in almost all of Europe. It should be noted that in France it was the most popular drink. Although, shortly after the drink was forbidden completely both in France and in Switzerland. The causes of this act you can discover a little later.


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The great ritual of absinthe

The most characteristic of this drink is its curious green. Caused by clorofila of the herbs that comes off during its distillation. However, it is essential that it matures for several months, and its color may change towards brown tones. Therefore, the best absinthe does not have a very marked greenish color. In addition, it is sold in bottles that reach a graduation of between 45 and 80 degrees. With that said, it's time to meet the acquaintance ritual.

In the first place, and to contain the absinthe in its purest form, it is served in a spherical base cup. On said cup a teaspoon with holes with a Sugar cube on. It is here when the water is poured on top that it melts and marries over the absinthe. As the water is not diluted in this drink, a kind of milky solution. Better known as louche.

The causes of the ban

As we have already mentioned before, the absinthe it was consumed by everyone. Even such renowned artists as Van Gogh o Picasso They admitted to being habitual consumers of this drink. And it is that, they assured that it helped them find inspiration. This is why the absinthe he became associated with the bohemian movement. Which was characterized by cultural tendencies and libertine ways of life that were not well seen. Above all, by the most conservatives of the society.

Therefore, the drink gained a lot popularity. But, also several detractors. The hearsay they spread at great speed. In fact, it was even said that it caused severe hallucinations, and even insanity. Those who took a position against this spirit drink used the scandals starring the artists to ask for the prohibition. Something that they would achieve shortly after.


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Is it really cursed?

It was formerly firmly believed that absinthe was a poison for society. Although, this saying was spread by the great vineyard owners. Which they saw as the wine it was being consumed less and less, largely because of the green fairy. However, this statement is not at all true.

Some studies carried out in recent years have confirmed that absinthe it is not a toxic drink. Nor does it produce hallucinations, and of course, it is not harmful to health. All the problems described above are caused by your high graduation alcoholic, which can go up to 89 degrees. Therefore, it is best to drink it with Water.


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Have you ever tried the absinthe? It is a drink with a high alcohol content, but with caution It can make you have a pretty good time. It is very important to emphasize caution when dealing with these types of drinks. Everything is good with a bit of moderation.

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