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Why does Mercadona's El Pescaíto wine triumph?

Having an aperitif accompanied by a good wine is something that can amaze anyone. However, get a cheap and tasty wine it is not easy at all. But not impossible. At Mercadona we can find a target that is gaining more and more popularity: The Pescaíto. In the Valencian giant they offer us this bottle and, in addition, its blue variant. You want to know why is it sold so much? We tell you

What is Mercadona's El Pescaíto wine like?

The Pescaíto Blanco is a young aromatic white wine, which contains a graduation of 10% by volume of alcohol. Fruity, with citrus and floral character, has a yellowish appearance with greenish reflections, limpid and bright. It is made with Macabeo, Chardonnay and Muscat grapes. Result very easy to drink and it is recommended to serve between 7 and 8ºC.

The sale price is very surprising: it is only 2 euros. In this way, Mercadona manages to sneak into any home in Spain. It is an ideal wine to accompany fish, seafood or cheese.

Bottles of El Pescaíto wine from Mercadona
Bottles of El Pescaíto wine

The Blue Fish

The blue modality is defined by Mercadona as “a flavored wine-based drink, made with Macabeo, Moscatel and Gewürztraminer grapes ”. It is soft, excellent for aperitif time, as it is ideal to enjoy with Mediterranean food, cheeses or tapas. Highlights his color azul, imitating wine Gik live that set a trend a few years ago. It is recommended to serve cold, about 4ºC.

Prepared by Vicente Gandía

This time, the Valencian supermarket chain is committed to ordering its product from an external company. The Pescaíto It is made and bottled by the centennial winery Vicente Gandía since 2016.

Vicente Gandia has always stood out for its aspiration to commercialize its wines in the international market. Currently, its wines can be found in more than 90 countries. It is considered the largest winery in the Valencian Community and is characterized by the good relationship between quality and price.

The European Council of Enogastronomic Brotherhoods (CEUCO) considered in 2018 that Vicente Gandía was the “Best Winery in Europe", Awarding him the" Aurum Europa Excellente "award.

He is not the only one who captivates 

El Pescaíto is not the only one wine of this category with a good price what can you buy in Mercadona. The supermarket chain offers other wines whites with which to delight your palate without spending a fortune.

1. Castle of Liria

A white wine with Denomination of Origin of Valencia. Also produced by the Vicente Gandía winery, it is made with grapes of the Viura and Sauvignon Blanc varieties. It is a straw yellow wine with green hues, with fresh fruit aromas, presents a voluptuous look. The price of the bottle is 1,79€.

2. White grapes

Blancauvas wine belongs to a line of Mercadona wines that is inspired by classic tales. There is a red wine from the same family called Little Red Riding Hood. Its flavor is smooth and fruity, made with grapes of the Viura and Sauvignon Blanc varieties. It is recommended to serve very cold, between 4 and 6ºC, and it is perfect to accompany pasta or white fish. 

One of its singularities is its label, with a modern design inspired by Snow White's stepmother's mirror, where you can read “mirror, mirror”. It is an easy-drinking wine, especially focused on young audiences. Its price is 1,65€ per bottle. Mercadona tries to take care of the national product, so this wine is made in Valencia, by the company Oria Tower.

3. Barbadillo Castle of San Diego

Barbadillo Castillo de San Diego is a dry white wine, made with the Palomino Fino grape variety grown in the microclimate of Sanlúcar de Barrameda. It is a floral, harmonious, fruity and light wine; perfect to accompany white fish, rice or barbecue.

Is first white wine bottled in Andalusia. It dates from the year 1883, although it was not until 1975 that it began to be produced by vintages.

4. Theon County

It is a white wine from the DO Rueda (Valladolid), one of the most distinguished due to the quality of the Verdejo grape with which its wines are made. Prepared by the Altos de Ontañón winery, has a pale yellow color, with aromas of tropical fruits and citrus. Its passage through the barrel gives it notes of dried and toasted fruits.

It pairs well with almost any dish, from seafood, fish or cheese, to meat or Iberian ham. It is recommended to serve between 9 and 12ºC and its price in Mercadona is 3,95€.

El Pescaíto wine from Mercadona
El Pescaíto Wine | Photo: Mercadona

Now that you have discovered El Pescaíto wine from MercadonaIn addition to four other bottles with good value for money, dare to enjoy a good drink with your favorite aperitif. Although, if you prefer, you can enjoy some delicious non-alcoholic wines. Who knows if from now on you will want to accompany all your meals with white wine. Because, as it says on its bottle: «El Pescaíto is very good. Cast the nets and catch him!«