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Paprika from Murcia, the powdered brooch of Mediterranean gastronomy

Murcian Paprika is a tasty and unique condiment grown in what is known as Huerta de Europa. Get to know its cultivation and what it is like here!

Ten rare animals that are edible!

Do you know what are the rarest edible animals in the world? We show you here the ten most surprising!

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde create the perfect gin and tonic

Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde is a risky proposal that shows that in the world of gin and tonic everything was not invented. We will tell you!

Ahuyentalobos cheese, folkloric reinvention

Ahuyentalobos cheese is particular because of its name, presentation and flavor. Discover what concept makes it different and the group behind it: TGT.

Prince Charles's gin: 'Highgrove Gin'

Made in the gardens of Highgrove with natural ingredients, we tell you what Prince Charles's gin looks like. Dare to try it!

Tudela artichoke, white and protected

The Tudela artichoke is one of the most recognized vegetables by gourmets. We tell you all about this exquisite and tasty product with PGI.

The 10 rarest cereals of all time

Barbie cereal or the A-Team? Find out what are the rarest cereals you can find in the supermarket.

Happlant vegan ice cream lands

Happlant vegan ice creams, committed to the environment, can now be enjoyed in Madrid. We tell you why they differ.

A vacuum-packed fried egg sparks controversy

We find more and more pre-cooked meals in the supermarket. The last to join is the vacuum-packed fried egg. We'll tell you about it!

Why does Mercadona's El Pescaíto wine triumph?

Mercadona's Pescaíto is a very popular white wine. But why is it captivating the consumer so much? We tell you all about him.