Home News A vacuum-packed fried egg sparks controversy

A vacuum-packed fried egg sparks controversy

It is increasingly common to find any type of food packaged in plastic. From sliced ​​pineapples to a plate of spaghetti carbonara, to the popular paella in a can (With prawns and everything!). The last protagonist of this unsustainable technique has been the egg. Probably one of the simplest foods to cook already has its version for the laziest. If you are wondering who had the idea to do a vacuum packed fried egg or where you can get it (if you're from the lazy club), we'll tell you about it below.

Twitter explodes against vacuum-packed fried egg

The stir around this peculiar egg was born on Twitter, when the user dagui trussi (@DaguiTrussi) posted a photo of the product that surprised you in a supermarket from Paraguay: "Today I found this at the supermarket." The photograph it took a few hours to go viral and generate thousands of comments on the misuse of plastic. "Unbelievable, there is no environmental awareness. These containers last for years in the environment "said one user, to which another added:" We must add the impact that plastic has throughout its life cycle. "


After the controversy, the supermarket chain Superseis was forced to rectify, responding to the tweet: "We regret not having considered the correct use of packaging, so we have immediately lifted the product from production and marketing and we extend our apologies for the case to all our customers and followers." Although they failed to please many indignant, who did not understand how they had not realized before of the mistake between that cooked food and its container.

Photography traveled the entire network, even reaching youtuber Spanish auronplay, who was also surprised and shared the image on his Instagram stories.

An unfriendly idea

Some of the answers joked sarcastically on the packaging of some products that are totally expendable. Some peeled bananas packed they amazed multitudes of tweeters. Why coat a food that already has a natural skin? A question that could hardly be answered. 

Bananas packed in plastic
Bananas packed in plastic | Photo: @ grar2_jvier

More and more absurdities that we find in supermarkets, especially in fruit. Thus was born the movement 'Strip the fruit', to fight against cases such as segments of tangerine on a tray or a Kiwi already sliced. Everything, always, wrapped in plastic.

The vacuum packed fried egg: for whom?

The company that makes these packaged eggs called holy kings. This company explained - also through the social network Twitter - that the product is not intended for sale to the public. In this statement, more than a year ago, they assure that they package the egg to “The quality control needs of industrial customers, that they cannot use eggs in shells in their processes ”.

Therefore, the vacuum packed fried egg is designed for hotels, restaurants and casinos. The leftover husks are reused for compost, which is handled by another company. And, on the most controversial point, they point out that the plastic packaging it is the best for preserving foods that do not have additives. The truth is that this technique is being used more and more because it helps to preserve the flavor and texture. But of course, in this way an inordinate amount of waste is generated.

Plastics on the beach
Plastics on the beach

Frozen fried eggs

The Precooked foods they are becoming more and more popular. Work or studies take up a lot of time to be able to cook a good dish, so many times we choose the fastest and most comfortable option. Although we must bear in mind that a good diet is essential to preserve our health.

In 2014, the Aragonese chef Javier Yzuel -founder of food-style- invented some frozen fried eggs. The procedure is very easy: a fresh egg is fried with extra virgin olive oil and pasteurized before freezing. The idea caught the attention of part of the gastronomic sector that already markets with him, as is the case of Makro.

The egg can be stored for up to 18 months frozen and only two days in the refrigerator. If it is opened, it should be consumed on the same day. Its creator advises to do it in a steam oven for four minutes so that it is very creamy. Although it can also be defrosted in the microwave without losing its texture.

Javier Yzuel and his frozen fried egg
Javier Yzuel and his frozen fried egg | Photo: foodstyle.es

Gastronomy does not stop innovating and with these inventions You will no longer be able to say that you don't know how to cook "not even a fried egg". They can't make it easier for you. And you, would you dare to try any of these innovative products? Do you think it is a plastic packaging that could dispense with so as not to increase the problem that affects the environment?