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Egg: how healthy is it?

This October we celebrate World Egg Day. A day in which everything that contributes to us is revealed...

Egg white: do not take it alone

Why is the consumption of egg white based on myths? Then you will see what benefits you get by eating it whole. Why not...

The huevina, substitute of the egg?

The roe, a food that many of us are unaware of. It is possible that by the name you can get an idea of ​​its function. Exact! Is a...

Slaughter of male chicks, the beginning of the end

Do you know that in most European countries male chicks are slaughtered through a practice of gassing and...

A vacuum-packed fried egg sparks controversy

We find more and more pre-cooked meals in the supermarket. The last to join is the vacuum-packed fried egg. We'll tell you about it!

Recover flavor in cancer patients

A scientific-culinary research project between the MD Anderson Cancer Center Foundation and chef Ramón Freixa seeks to recover the lost flavor.

Vegetarian dishes in the microwave

We give you some fabulous and attractive recipes for vegetarian dishes to prepare in a few minutes with only heat, thus also obtaining healthy delicacies.

Palacios and the longest omelette in the world

With the longest tortilla line in the world made up of 1176 units, the Spanish food group has entered the Guinness Book of Records.