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Wild meat tricks and curiosities

wild meat

Hair or feather, large or small game. Wild Meat is a 100% natural and exquisite product that stands out not only for its extraordinary flavor, but for the multitude of nuances and curiosities it contains.

For example, did you know that it is the only agri-food product that exists permanently in the most disadvantaged rural areas? Thanks to its sale, a large number of farms are economically viable? And that thanks to this economic viability it is possible to continue conserving corners that are authentic environmental paradises?

Wild meat is very versatile in the kitchen and can be cooked in a thousand ways

Regarding its culinary characteristics, Wild Meat is leaner than other meats. It has extraordinary versatility and can be cooked in a thousand and one ways. In addition, it is an interesting challenge for foodies. To achieve the best result on the plate, each species has its own culinary tricks.

We tell you some tricks and curiosities:

Roe deer

To get a really special and tasty stew of roe deer it is necessary to follow three general rules. The first is the previous marinade or marinade of the meat, the second, the intensity of the fire, which must be minimal, almost without boiling, and finally, once the cooking is finished, a rest of a few hours before consuming it. .

Red deer

When the animal is down, a quick action is necessary on the part of the hunter. One of the factors that determine the quality of deer meat and other species of large game is the time that elapses from its death until the moment it is gutted and refrigerated.

The less time passes, the better properties you will have and the better quality your meat will be.

Wild boar

The key to its cooking is the marinade, which not only has to be abundant, but must be left to mature for quite a long time. For example, a couple of days. He was considered by the Celts the king of the forests, a sacred entity. It is an opportunistic and nocturnal animal that enjoys an omnivorous diet, based on 90% on plant products and the remaining 10% on animal products.


Like almost all game meat, autumn is the best time to eat this piece. The hare will have gathered strength for the winter and will be very well formed. It is advisable to consume hares that do not exceed one year of life, since these, when traveling hundreds of kilometers per year, develop a tighter flesh.

wild meat


It is a migratory bird that inhabits humid forests and swampy areas. In addition to the name of woodcock, it is also called deaf or partridge woodcock. Once on the stove, its meat is considered an exquisite delicacy. It is aromatic and tasty, capable of reminding us of ancient flavors such as mold, grass and smoke.


Pheasant can be cooked in multiple ways, although the best way to keep its properties intact is the oven. If you want to get more juiciness in this type of bird, we can use an ancient technique. It consists of covering it with lard, in this way the browning resulting from the roast will be more crisp.


Its fast and nervous flight makes this bird very fibrous and hard, hence it is advisable, once plucked, to rest for two days in the refrigerator or at low temperatures.

They should never be put directly into the backpack or vest. The thrush must be previously aerated like all small game species.


When putting it on the fire, it is very important that the part of the breasts is facing down. Thus, the cooking will be uniform. Of the game meats, the partridge is the one that has the greatest amount of protein and mineral salts once cooked. It has a large percentage of water, reaching 76%, and its fat content is negligible and will decrease during cooking.