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The exquisite cuts of Argentine meat

Argentina is known for its tradition of meat production and consumption, and there are several cuts of meat that are popular in Argentine cuisine. It is important to mention that the way meat is prepared and cooked in Argentina, especially grilled, is an integral part of the country's culinary culture. Argentine barbecue, in particular, is a deep-rooted social and gastronomic tradition.

Here are some of the most common cuts of meat:

Roast: Considered the most emblematic cut of Argentine barbecue, the asado generally includes ribs and is cooked on the grill.

Chorizo ​​steak: This cut comes from the back of the loin and is similar to the English sirloin steak. It is juicy and tender, and is commonly cooked on the grill.

Beef tenderloin: Also known as filet mignon, this cut comes from the most tender part of the loin. It is extremely tender and cooks quickly.

Steak Eye: Similar to ribeye steak, this cut is flavorful and juicy. It comes from the part closest to the ribs.

Matambre: This cut, located between the skin and the ribs of the animal, is very popular in Argentina. It is cooked on the grill and is appreciated for its flavor.

Emptiness: It comes from the bottom of the ribs and is a larger cut that is cooked on the grill.

Entrails: Known for its distinctive flavor and tender texture, entrail is a long, thin cut that is cooked on the grill.

Quadril Tail: This cut comes from the back of the animal and is similar to roast beef. It can be roasted or grilled.

Quadril: Similar to English sirloin, rump is a lean, tender cut that lends itself well to grilling.

Strip roast: This cut is a series of ribs that are cut lengthwise and cooked on the grill, being a classic option for Argentine barbecue.