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Tea and coffee: how healthy are they?

Summer is here and at this time it is more important than ever to stay hydrous and cool with drinks like the or coffee. High temperatures will be responsible for most of the emergency room visits in the coming months. That is why remedies against heat and dehydration are especially necessary during this time of year. Discover some with us!

Water of life

If something is necessary in our life, it is, without a doubt, Water. Keeping the body well supplied with this miraculous liquid is essential to guarantee the good performance of our organs and muscles.

Our body is made up of 60% water. The blood is 80%, our brain is 70%, and the lungs are 90%. Staying hydrated is not only pleasant, but it is a ground process for our own maintenance.

Best bottled waters on the market
Bottled water | Source: bbc.com (pinterest.com)

If we don't do it with regularity, the consequences can directly affect our vital organs and encourage the development of pathologies in the body. That is why it is recommended to drink between a liter and a half and two liters of water per day, reaching three liters in summer and situations of especially high temperatures.

Tea and sources of hydration

After years of research, harvard university has published a report that reflects which are the only two drinks that are healthy for the body. These are the the and coffee. Both help to have a healthier life thanks to the large amount of antioxidants that compose them.

Tea is no surprise. Historically it has been used as medicinal drink thanks to the plants that have been added to it over the centuries. Its origin dates back to the XNUMXrd century in China, and the beneficial properties it contains were already known at that time.

Tea in a white cup
Tea being served in a cup | Source: Pixabay

His worldwide fame was consolidated after it became customary to have a cup of tea in the afternoon in Great Britain. To be compound Almost entirely by water, tea has the same properties of hydration than this, with which it becomes a perfect alternative to avoid the monotony in summer.

Coffee next to tea, the big surprise

Although we are used to reading everywhere that coffee is a harmful drink for our body, the truth is that it has various benefits that the study of Harvard Has left in evidence.

Much has been said in recent years that coffee consumption could cause various types of cancer throughout the life of the usual consumer. However, this myth has been completely rejected by the World Health Organization.

Cup of coffee
Cup of coffee | Source: Pixabay

What coffee does give us is a source of caffeine, Vitamin B2 y magnesium. As long as it is not consumed in excess, we can benefit from these properties. According to Harvard, although it is not recommended for people with uncontrolled blood pressure, coffee can be a good source of healthy hydration for the hottest days of summer.

More ways to stay cool

There are more ways to keep heat and dehydration at bay. First the most obvious advice of all: drink a lot of water. It is recommended to drink between two or three liters of water in hot weather throughout the day. It doesn't have to be direct. Apart from the aforementioned tea, or coffee, the water contained in the refreshments y juices of fruits.

cold tea with lemon
Cold tea with lemon | Source: Pixabay

Keep a balance diet it is another important factor to avoid dehydration and is often overlooked. But the truth is that there are foods that contribute a lot to our body, being especially important to take it into account when making physical activities.

Finally, one of the foods that we have to limit the most if we want to avoid dehydration is alcohol. Alcoholic beverages have a dehydrating effect pair the organism. One way of not depriving yourself of these drinks is to reduce them with enough ice, although it should never replace the consumption of natural water.

What do you think? Did you know these tricks for the summer?