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Supergreen to balance the microbiota after the holidays

Komvida Kombucha, who they are and what they do Komvida Kombucha arose from the idea of ​​two young women from Extremadura, Nuria Morales and Beatriz Magro, in an attic...

Tea and coffee: how healthy are they?

Summer is here and at this time it is more important than ever to stay hydrated and fresh with drinks such as tea or...

Cheese tea: does it exist?

Cheese tea? But cheese is not taken with wine? Well, in Taiwan it has been enjoyed with tea for some time now. Known...

Probiotics: the infusion revolution

The first infusions with probiotics in Spain arrive on the market. Get ready because you haven't seen anything yet. The world of food changes to...

Matcha tea from Mercadona, is it that good?

In today's article we discuss Mercadona's matcha tea. The truth is that it has completely devastated since its launch. The shelves...

Ginger tea: what is it for?

Ginger tea is often found on supermarket shelves. Especially in the colder months. You can also do...

It's kombucha summer, find out why

With many flavor options to refresh your palate when the heat is on, kombucha is a great alternative to traditional beverages.

Tegust infusions from Parc de les Olors

Tegust, has the exclusivity in the supply of herbs for infusions of the Parc de les Olors

Do you know the difference between tea and herbal tea?

The differences between Tea and Tisana as well as the different Teas and how we should call them

Black tea that tastes like cola

The cola-flavored black tea that Nectarán has just launched on the market. This is Dezfuli's latest creation of the 600 different types of tea and infusions that Nectarán has.