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Healthy kebab pizza at home

The kebab pizza is a new and very tasty dish. With this recipe you can make it at home and also in a healthy way.

Limousine pizza: the revolution of the sector

Telepizza is constantly evolving to offer its customers new experiences with which they can continue to enjoy the world of pizza. Can...

Coliflow: the healthy pizza?

Coliflow is born, the pizza based on the properties of cauliflower. It comes at a time when the number of...

The pizza with pineapple stays

Are you lovers of pizza with pineapple or, on the contrary, would you like it to disappear? Domino's Pizza has asked us the same question. This discussion...

Pizza calzone, a delicacy from Italy

Have you ever tried a tasty calzone pizza? This specialty of Italian cuisine is a delicacy that you cannot miss. Filler...

Vegan products from Lidl, change of trend?

Lidl offers you a wide range of vegan products. Here you will be able to know the best of them and their prices. Discover them!

A Guinness record cheese pizza!

French chef Benoît Bruel received the Guinness World Records award last Monday, December 30, for a cheese pizza never seen before.

Massburg: more than hamburger pizza

Massburg is not just a hamburger with pizza dough. Discover this simple but amazing creation designed to get you home at the ideal temperature.

Types of kebab: not everything is durum

Learn to distinguish the types of kebab when the menu does not have photos. Today we are talking about a controversial food with a surprising origin.

Savory recipes with seasonal figs

We are in the time to enjoy this purple Mediterranean fruit that also fits well in salty recipes with figs. Discover them here!