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Massburg: more than hamburger pizza

massburg is an extravagant fusion that combines the best of two worlds. The best thin pizza dough and best beef come together in this wonderful dish. Another home-delivered restaurant that emerged during the pandemic arrives. Find out what their promising menu consists of and give it a try (and a bite of each product).

The best of two worlds

If you are a pizza and burger lover you can be in a good mood today. We have the perfect news for you. If you are also one of those who enjoy good food, we will make it even better for you. The product we are talking about today is born as a fusion between the two during pandemic times. This company based on delivered has not yet produced its final letter. However, it already offers promising dishes.

massburg it's new. In fact, the pandemic caught Antonio Delgado, its creator, and therefore you cannot eat it in a local. On the contrary, you have to pick it up or ask for it to be brought to you. The idea of ​​preparing a hamburger with dough pizza the chef came up with at an event Madrid Fusion. He witnessed a presentation in which someone exhibited a bread of cake with meat inside. At that moment he took out his entrepreneurial streak and decided to get down to work.

Brutal Massburg
Massburg Brutal / Source: masburg.es

Our protagonist, who already had experience developing the cards, experimented with different ingredients. The trial and error process led to the thin batter wrapping a hamburger that we know today as massburg. Thus, he achieved a product original, curious and with acceptance by the public. It is a beef burger marked on the grill. This is wrapped in a very thin artisan pizza dough. The time it takes to prepare consists of six or seven minutes in a stone oven at 270 degrees.

The mass advantage in Massburg

Something good that has massburg is that it is totally conceived as a take away product. His artisan dough loses heat much more slowly than conventional hamburger buns. Therefore, when you have arrived home, it will still be in good condition. It arrives at its point and at the right temperature. 

There are those who comment that combining pizza and hamburger is a "Gochada". The chef assures the opposite since the ingredients are 100% natural and the product is clean. Furthermore, it is less forceful than the conventional hamburger because you take off the bread roll. A thin pizza crust is much less filling. 

Massburg truffata
Massburg Mass Truffata / Source: massburg.es

Available varieties

It currently has seven versions available. Each one contains, in addition to the meat, different accompaniments. An example would be the mass ny with cheddar cheese, bacon and caramelized onion. Another is the Masster cheese, which combines cheese Brie, blue, emmental and cheddar. The mass brutal, on the other hand, it contains American-style pulled pork with barbecue sauce.

Instead, the Mass trufatta or the mass-chic, with gourmet accompaniments. The first has truffled cheese, candied mushrooms and crispy onion. The second, on the other hand, contains cheese Brie, caramelized peppers and caramelized onion. In addition, the menu has an option vegetarian: the hamburger kale and quinoa. Finally, we have the Mini Massburgs for children or to share.

Chef Anthony Delgado
Chef Antonio Delgado / Source: Linkedin of the chef

It is a fairly complete offer capable of satisfying a wide variety of demanding palates. It should be noted that they will also soon include a special burger rotation of the week. Those that are best received by the public will become part of the menu. Nor should we forget the starters offered as Caesar salad, fingers y chicken wings o Tequeños (cheese fingers).

The chef

Antonio Delgado it was already something known. His dishes had a certain popularity in Instagram. In addition to his R&D work in product development mentioned above, he is a freelance gastronomic consultant. As if that weren't enough, he had already founded another restaurant called Dance Martina. This is another project focused only on home delivery. It is a brasserie mediterranean with a certain international touch. In addition, he has a degree in business science, which may be partly related to his entrepreneurial side.

Massburg Mass NY
Massburg Mass NY / Source: massburg.es

Considering what has been seen, it is very likely that more similar business models will emerge. Those born already adapted to this pandemic will be ready to return to Face-to-face modality once finished. Imagine the heat of the mass of massburg when served at your table. We are without a doubt, facing a project with many possibilities and an innovative product for lovers of two great popular dishes.