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Contaminated sausages, be very careful!

Getaways to the countryside or to a swamp to do picnics they are very popular during the summer months. And, to endure these long days it is necessary to prepare some good Snacks. Which will provide you with the necessary energy to enjoy a magnificent day. But currently, a grave danger. This already appeared a couple of years ago, the one of the contaminated sausages. And it is that, in recent days, different cases of the presence of Listeria in such products. Do you want to know what are the procedures to be followed? The fullfilment of security requirements its the first!

The biggest threat from contaminated sausages

As we have mentioned before, the Listeria is one of the worst pathogens for meat. In fact, it has been a huge headache lately. As proof of this statement, the alerts of aesan. Which have been published to warn of the withdrawal of contaminated products. All of them for this popular bacterium. It should be noted that, already in 2019, it caused a significant listeriosis outbreak In Andalucia.

In fact, summer It is a time when the bug appears with more force and power. Proof of all this, is the obligation to publish a new alert by listeria. This has been reported in different batches of sausages made in Catalonia. This was generated after communication by the manufacturing company, due to the detection of listeria monocytogenes. In a self-check of a customer on the product Traditional Black Botifarra. Among other great products.

Contaminated sausages
Inlay. Source: embutidosasalgueira..es

Where were the contaminated sausages distributed?

La Food Safety and Nutrition Agency (aesan) has indicated where the distribution of the contaminated sausages. The one that was made in until five autonomous communities different. Among which are Catalonia, Aragon, the Balearic Islands, Madrid and Valencia. Although, at the moment there is no no associated case to said alert. In any case, Aesan has been in charge of providing all the necessary information to prevent any kind of danger to consumers.

Thanks to this, all competent authorities from each community have got down to work. So that, in this way, the withdrawal of the affected products from all marketing channels. On the other hand, these are all contaminated batches and products: Black Butifarra, Traditional Black Butifarra. Or even Bull de Yegua from the Salgot brand. In addition, it is important that you know what the approximate weight of all of them is. Which oscillates between 250 grams and the kilo.


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Certain recommendations to prevent

All those who have any of these products in their pantries, must avoid consuming them. And furthermore, it is better that it be returned to the point of purchase or supermarket where it was purchased. But, if it's too late, keep track of all symptom caused by listeria. And, if any of them appear, go to the corresponding health center. It should be noted that among the main indications of this pathology are the vomiting as well as the Diarrhea. In addition to a very strong fever.

Contaminated sausages
Sausage sandwiches. Source: cookidoo

Other eating diseases

Listeria is not the only food-related illness in the world. In fact, in the United States, 48 ​​million people fall ill from a food poisoning. Typically, the most common causes include Virus and bacteria. On the other hand, and less frequently, the disease is caused by a parasite. Or for a harmful chemical, without forgetting, the large number of pesticides they can carry food. In addition, the symptoms can be very varied, always depending on the cause. They can be both mild and severe.

Generally, the signs that you have a disease of this type are usually the Stomach ache or the Diarrhea. You can also highlight the abdominal cramps and nausea y vomiting. Fever and dehydration also tend to appear quite frequently. Last but not least, you should know that most eating pathologies are sharp. This means that they happen and appear suddenly and last, relatively, very little time.

Have you ever suffered from a disease transmitted by contaminated sausages? They are one of the great threats to the stomach. And it is that, they are capable of making you bitter on a great summer day. So, you must beware and follow all the recommendations of the health authorities. In this way, you can enjoy quality Spanish food with the guarantee that they are in good condition.